I am so excited to share the next two weeks with you. Mercury continues to work on stabilizing personal relationships/shaking them up, we focus on our personal integrity, and gain some light consciousness! So exciting! Today is a day that I have been waiting for for a few months now. Jupiter, finally, moves direct. That isn’t to discount the fact that today is also a Full Moon. What a power punch of exciting energy! We are THRIVING in this energy. If you aren’t, now is exactly the time to figure out why and change it! Our natural process of growing love within ourselves can mirror the serenity demonstrated by nature. We can achieve balance and harmony with the soft, abundant life that love gives us.

On this card we see green life emerging upon the banks of the Nile river and desert of Egypt. It is the most natural and harmonious process on the planet. As is the fluctuation of energetics the planets provide for us. Our path is designated by how we decide to deal with these natural processes. We’re being given a chance to cultivate others into our lives who’s paths are in line with ours. Listen to your instincts and do all of the activities you’re draw to do. You will find your tribe, and you will thrive.