Building a bridge between Vedic Astrology and Western Astrology is tricky. It feels like cherry picking the parts that suit us at times, but that is where the tarot comes in. As the New Moon seeps into Gemini and the nakshatra Ardra, it also, according to Western Astrology, sits in Cancer. The common thread between these identities is water. The symbol for Ardra is a tear drop, and Cancer is a water sign. During these times fear looks us in the mirror. Release those fears into the nearest body of water tonight. On the Four of Cups green life emerges upon the banks of the Nile and the desert of Egypt. It is the most natural, harmonious process on this planet: life finding a way to thrive. This natural process comes with a sense of tenderness- green plants loving the water, photosynthesizing, worshipping the sun.

As humans, it is natural for us to undergo these processes of warmth under the sun, shedding old cells and behaviors, and bursting forth with life. It is important that we embrace our dreams, and let go of the idea that we may fail. We have no other choice. So, on this New Moon, warm your insides with love for yourself, and embrace your talents.