We see a shadowy figure sitting amongst seven cups high up in the clouds. A cascade of psychedelic energy surrounds them, creating chaos, and there appears to be no way out.

This chaotic energy is, absolutely, a way some of us might be interpreting all of the intense energetic shifts right now. Some of us might not be noticing this, and that’s great because you’ve already experienced the chaos, but the rest of us are having a lot happen at once. That’s a result of the Jupiter sling shot motion to direct. Jupiter has been slowing down our manifestations and spells since February, and now that energy has propelled forward.¬†While, a lot of what we want and wished for is coming true, a lot of our karmic debts are coming forth as well. The tendency to want to retreat and let it all pass is real, but we can’t let it happen. If we spend too much time in the clouds, avoiding reality, we will never clear up our debts, and we will, undoubtably, see them again in the future. There is enough power in the air to harness the energy we need to complete these tasks. We may feel isolated and resentful as a result of these confrontations, but we need to come to terms with our own power over our present predicament. Only then can the clouds dissipate, and we can ground again.