We hold up our hands to the sun on this beautiful Beltane morning! What a time to be alive! We sit on the cusp of Mercury direct with, still, two other planets in retro, Jupiter and Saturn. We can feel the forward rush of this energetic planet. We can feel the transformation taking hold of us! We are connected! We are making conscious moves to fulfill our dreams, and they are working! How grateful do you feel!? On the card we see dichotomous wolves, who have undergone all the personal growth necessary, and are ready for union, love, and fully giving themselves. This is a time to give and receive love, as it should always be. We are ready for new plateaus of giving, learning growing, and changing. We can actually thank Mercury retro for bringing us to this climax. This retrograde cycle has given us the ability to understand a detail in our lives that we may have missed due to it being difficult to digest. We have been essentially reborn you guys!