As the feeling of unrest settles in all of us, we begin to deepen our understanding of how to channel this energy. The astrology for the day is causing social anxiety for many (thanks Mercury and Jupiter), so it’s a great time to look within, and allow your inner voice to be heard. Take some time for silence. Hear yourself. Let some of your personal expectations go. Lighten up a little, and laugh at yourself.

Yesterday, we saw the dichotomous wolves coming together in a perfect union. Loving within so that we can love around us was one of our goals. Today, we see those same wolves, except now they are ready to receive the love the Universe has to offer. They have done all of the inner work and are open for receiving.

Today, we are reborn in light. In June, we worked on our accepting our darkness, and that work paid off. We are open and ready to receive all of our manifestations. We know that our dreams will manifest, and we know it will most likely be in an unconventional way. That is why today, we are light-hearted and ready to laugh at our mistakes. Nothing weighs on our shoulders because everything is temporary. So, today we love life, and let it transform into something that makes us whole.