Today kicks off with the Flower Moon in Sagittarius. We are blossoming, we are growing, and we are changing into our true form. As we get closer to June, we get closer to the exact energetics that will manifest what we’ve been thinking about for the past 3 months.


Our week kicks off with with a few Cups, putting our creativity and relationships with others at the forefront. It’s time to separate away from anyone who isn’t on your team and doesn’t share your goals. There’s no more time to mess around. This week is loaded with endings, and the ending of unserving relationships is just 1 of many. When you think about what you need from others, don’t overlook areas like sexual passion and kinks. These are very powerful energies that are just as important as someone cheering you on as you persue your dreams. Today’s a great day to address your sexual dreams and desires. It’s also a great day to let your crush know how you feel.


The end of the week rushes energetics in that will be cutting chords left and right. Between the 9 of Wands, 10 of Wands, and 10 of Pentacles, you can expect major shifts within your workplace and manifestations. Anything you’ve been working toward gains progression, and a new spark will be lit within. It’s a good week to invoke The Chariot.