As the moon wanes and the energy from it’s fullness subsides, we feel connected to the sabian symbol for the lunar month: “A woman of Samaria comes to draw water from the well.” We begin to relax into ourselves. These next two weeks will be about sharing the discoveries you’ve learned about yourself with others. We have two weeks to prepare our gifts. I met an elder at a full moon meditation, and she told me exactly what part of myself to harness. What will you move forward with? Today may not be the best day to figure that out. We’re riding the Vishaka line between Libra and Scorpio, so there are many influences at work. Our card is showing us two sets of arms emerging from cloudy waters (the potter’s wheel and the archway that represent Vishaka). We see a stairway within reach, but it doesn’t appear to lead anywhere inviting. It is easy to let oneself slip into the mist and wait for another day, but we shouldn’t! Don’t let the shrinking moon dissolve your appetite for energetic change! Vishaka is all about gathering and moving energy. Do what is necessary, and stop putting off small tasks. They have a larger impact than you think!