As our Thunder Moon sets in, we begin to feel the draw and thirst for knowledge of our future. For some it will feel unbearable, and for others, it will feel like nothing new. Continuing on with the theme of building a bridge between Vedic and Western Astrology, we see our Full Moon in two signs, as it will always be. If you’re tracking the progressive movements of the Moon, you will know that it is in Sagittarius. If you follow the Western Zodiac pattern for the Moon, you’ve been reading about it sitting in Capricorn. The bridge between these two signs is our Earthly realm, our material plane. The Full Moon is ushering a wave of energy that will help us all center our focus around our job on this planet, it will help us get our houses in order, and it will help our drive.

Because there is so much changing, I’ve decided to do something a little different. If you follow Sun Sorceress Tarot on Facebook, you will see that I have posted a variety of different articles and web sites that will help you guide yourself through the next couple of days. I have also decided to pull a 3 card spread to describe our Moon aspirations.

The first card that came up is the Two of Pentacles, Wakeful Transmutation. This card brings up energetics from Wednesday. Do you remember Wednesday? Was there anything specific about it? Any a-ha moments? Any lessons? Reflect on all of this information over night. That day taught you something, and it needs to stick with you throughout the next moon cycle. This card is ruled by Jupiter, as is the Sagittarius Moon. Absorb the wisdom, lean into the transformation that’s taking shape within you.

The Seven of Cups has come forward to remind you that you are hand in hand with the Universe creating your own reality. If you feel isolated or trapped within a situation, you have to face the hard truth that you got yourself into this mess. You are the only one who can get out of it. So, no blaming situations on the Full Moon this month! It’s time for us all to come together and claim responsibility for our actions. Only then can our full transformation take place.

The King of Swords takes us right into Monday. Passionate ambition will define the beginning of our week. It’s the final outcome from this Moon. The drive given to us from Sagittarius, and the leadership from Capricorn can turn us into hyper-focused work machines. Let the work be your dreams and goals. The King of our determination has arrived, and they’re taking the throne of our hearts. From here, we can manifest anything we desire. If you didn’t put any manifestation into action tonight, work on it until the New Moon. That will give it plenty of time to take hold.