Every month, I pull Tarot Cards for each day of the month. Doing this ahead of time allows me to see patterns, trends, and it helps me to theorize how the tarot contributes to the astrology and atmosphere of the overall energetic. This week, the four of wands shows up three times. It’s super easy to see that this card carries the overall feeling of our week.  This card represents the moment when you will begin to see the horizon. On this card you see a woman standing on a vista of crystals looking out toward that horizon. With the full moon behind her, we know that she is headed toward new beginning’s. June and July are the catalyst for what is coming in September through November. These summer months will bring the beginnings of the changes you’ve been manifesting over the past year, but, not without upheaval and sadness. Harsh realities are being handed to us because we’ve been so focused on that deep manifestation, we haven’t been able to see where we’re going. Expect truths to come forward this week. Expect sudden changes that might feel like derailments. Never forget, you’re where you need to be, so, those derailments are actually putting you on the right path. You might need to adjust your manifestations once truths get revealed to you. This week is going to be rocky for some, and for others, the sudden changes will feel like a breath of fresh air. The opportunity for ease of mind is there, people just need to see the truth. Remember that there is rarely a tidy transition in life, so stay grounded, and know that everything that’s happening is in your best interest.