Ok. So. As many of you know by now, we filmed one of our Season 5 episodes with the Newkirks this past April. This also gave us a chance to spend some time with their Haunted objects. Now, I’ve had a few, distant interactions with their objects, the first one being during the Strange Escapes event at the Mount Washington where Ty pointed to Billy and said you should pick him up. Which, of course I did, cause: why not?  (Note: I knew NOTHING about what/who Billy is or what he was a part of.) I was quickly informed after picking him up I would likely have nightmares that evening from handling the idol. Great. Thanks Ty.

Fortunately, no nightmares! So as the Strange Escapes Weekend went on we ventured around, talked to some fellow paranormal adventurers and looked at (did not pick up) more haunted objects after talking with the Newkirks. All in all, a great weekend.

The photo was taken 7 months later – when Billy and I are friends. Can I say that?? We’re friends?

Fast forward. Here we are in one of the most active locations we have ever experienced in Maine (and one of my favorite spots to investigate) with a museum full of haunted objects. Of course I was going to pick them up and get a closer look. Occasionally I look back on this moment and think “Anna, wtf?” but, I honestly didn’t think anything would happen.

I had made a silly pair of pants for Simon which I gave to him (they were hilariously too big) and got a closer look at some of the objects. I remember Ty asking if any of them were speaking to me, and I was surprised that I didn’t feel drawn to pick any of them up. Well, except one object. Usually behind glass, the Corrupted Testament was calling out to me, and I figured now was my chance to take a look at it.

After I finished filming the investigators exploring the items (Ty literally sniffed the Corrupted Testament – There is also a photo of him licking a crystal ball) I put my camera down, and picked up the book.

Next time you are at the Travelling Museum of the Paranormal and Occult, take a close look at it. There are pencil markings all over it. The Cross even looks like it could have been scribbled on there. There are stains from where the preacher held it, and stains where it once sat on many foreheads.

The book is small, and it’s light, and I don’t remembering it smelling bad, or at all really. I do remember flipping through the pages and off handedly commenting to Erin, our other camera person standing next to me that I was feeling nauseous. Greg reiterated I wasn’t the only one who had experienced something similar. I sat down. My throat was tight, and my stomach felt off. I flipped through a few more pages then put the book down. Then it hit me: “F***, I am going to vomit”.

So, I really didn’t want to be that guy that throws up, never mind the one who throws up after handling a haunted object. So I exited as quietly as I could, and spent the next five minutes in the bathroom trying not to lose my breakfast. After, I felt like I had the worst hangover. My head was pounding and it was time for some Advil.

The whole thing sounds crazy. It was crazy. It is crazy? What an experience though. I highly recommend checking out the Museum of the Paranormal and Occult – not because getting knocked on your ass by a haunted object is fun, but because you can learn so much through interactions with these objects. While, yes, caution is always good, don’t let this post scare you away. Keep exploring the paranormal and unknown!