The stone of June is Moonstone, meaning, we welcome in the energetics of the creatress today. We welcome the opening of our intuition, the manifesting of our soul, The Moon beam shining on love all around us, and the great harmony that this month is bringing.


This month will bring many changes, to all of us. This is the apex of 2018. The energy begins to shift, in the way that we hoped it would when the Gregorian calendar switched to January. This time is here. What were your resolutions? In what way we’re you trying to implement change into your 2018? Update your resolutions and bring that newness into your life. The astrology supports you, finally, and now you can really make some big permenant changes.

Last night we ushered in Jupiter and today we’ll feel the workings of Venus. Creative projects will bolster, and self love will take over. What do you know about yourself that others don’t seem to see? It’s a great day for vulnerability, and showing people what you already know about yourself. Change the vibration of how people see you. Even if you already like and benefit from the way people see you. Add a hint of vulnerability, a touch of humanness.

The card of the day is the 10 of Wands.

This card is a reminder, that sometimes, we are the ones who isolate ourselves from others. We think we’re protecting ourselves, and maybe we were at one time, but the need for this behavior doesn’t exist in June. June is a time for sharing, for open honesty and vulnerability. As we continue to strengthen ourselves with sacred Yang energy, we begin to realize our value. Value doesn’t mean dollar signs, it means our character, our goals, our dreams, our push and movement through this life. Shed the thick skin you built up from Jan-March and say what you’ve been wanting to say. Do what you’ve been planning, or at the very least share your plans with others. A friend might be the missing key component. Take responsibility for where you are, and know that only you controls where you’re going.

In keeping with the theme of the divine mother, creatress, Empress, we’ll we working with those shadow energies Sunday the 3rd, in the 4th Class in my tarot series. Sign up in the shop category on this website. ❤️