After making it through the intense energetics of Labor Day, we get to rest and take a break. Mercury sits direct today, and we’re feeling the veil over our throat chakra lift a little. Clarity is being restored over the next few days, and it’s our time to soak it up. The mental transparency that Mercury stationing direct gives us puts us in the perfect space for manifesting on the up-coming Full Moon. Because of the intensity and position of September, this is our last ditch effort to put out into the air what we want for the beginning of 2018. We will see our harvest readying itself in October, and many of us will feel elated as everything comes to us at once. So, take today and tomorrow to celebrate and get intentions ready for Wednesday.

The mental clarity given to us by the 6 of Pentacles yesterday, sets us up to receive and process information in a new way. We are being given the opportunity to look from a new perspective. Listen to your peers and try to see a new point of view today. This will help strengthen your perspective of self as well as the future, which is what we’ll be focusing on during our intentions and manifestations for the Full Moon tonight. Today would be the perfect day to tweak your ongoing spells and manifestations, making sure they encompass empathy, gratitude, and your contribution to the whole. If your focus is to be open and loving, set goals for exactly how you’re going to achieve these emotions. Be involved in the steps you’re taking toward your achievements.