The planets are doing a dance today that could make our heads spin. Where we still have some dominant planets in Pisces, we now have Mercury and Saturn in Capricorn. Teaming up with the earthy Full Moon, this combination of dirt and water will be giving us a new perspective on our feels this weekend.

The Page of Cups wants us to take inventory of our past emotional triumphs and fears. Think back on the past 2 months. What has developed? The Moon will lend an air of organization, so this could be an easier task then it seems. Hell, you might already be thinking about the past. Think deeply on how you could have changed each situation. Find the lessons and grow. There’s enough Earth element in the air to really help you plant new roots.

Be pure in your motives while you do this. Try not to succumb to Capricorn’s natural talent of manipulation. Be humble in the teachings of Saturn, and keep your sharp responses in check. I see you Mars in Sagittarius. Smdh. Tempers could be quite short this weekend. If you keep the focus on growth and take some deep breaths, you should get through this weekend in a better place then when you started.