The choose your own adventure reading is back. I’ll go over how this works for any newbies around here. Shut your eyes and take a deep breath. Try to access a goal, or emotion you’ve been overcome with lately. Take another deep breath. Open your eyes and choose a card that feels like yours. Before you open your eyes, know that one of these cards is yours. It’s here for you. It’s here to describe your weekend. It knows you. Choose with confidence. Every now and then it feels right to choose two cards. That’s ok too.


The cards this week are a reflection of the underworld. We’re dripping with Scorpio venom and elbow deep into the underground. Scorpio is relentlessly dredging up skeletons from the past and trauma we tucked away. We felt this hard at the end of October, but some may still be feeling that scorpion sting. Scorpio and Venus like to cook when they get together, and they’re favorite thing to make is humble pie. They make it nice and bitter, and we have to try it. They’re so proud of their creation. So, we have to look at how we contribute to every situation. Did that person cut you off this morning on your way to work? How did you react? Did you exacerbate the situation by honking and yelling? Why? What did that do for your blood pressure? What did that do for their morning? Why is your ego so bothered by it? Have you ever had to cut someone off? Sometimes, it happens. Maybe they hadn’t had any coffee yet and spaced that they need to turn soon. Maybe they’re just a dick. But, what does that make you if you honked and yelled? Also, a dick. Examine how your ego reacts to other people. Everyone needs some tenderness right now, and maybe all that person you encounter needs, is compassion and patience.


I’m going to mash all the cards for the weekend together into one big shepherd’s pie of energy. We’ll take that energy and see how it’s mixing with the card that you pulled. So, for new-comers, this means that I pull a card for every single day of the month. (I usually post it here, but I haven’t in a while because I’m cooking up something big for you all.) When I do the choose your own adventure set up, we look at the card of the day, the astrology, and the card that you chose for yourself, to see what we can expect over the next day or so. Since it’s been a while since I’ve posted and I’m crazy overloaded with work right now, I thought we’d lump the weekend together as one. So I’ll put the three cards for the weekend up and we’ll talk about how they are interacting with each other and with the astrology right now. 

Together, these cards mark great transformation, ahem, within our relationships. Sort of like what I was mentioning with Scorpio + Venus and Scorpio + Jupiter. This is the time to leave a lasting imprint on the people we meet. We are the warriors of light. We have woken up matriarchal ideas and know that our world doesn’t work right now. The ways we access food and buy ‘things’ are wasteful and destroying the planet, the laws only serve a few, people full of hate are in power (not just nationally), and we still act like the natives of this country and people of color’s voice is lesser than white voices. Things are changing though. People are waking up everywhere. We’re seeing it in Virginia, Germany, France, etc. We just have to keep the momentum going. It doesn’t require constant canvassing or protesting either. It just requires us holding love and infinite possibilities for everyone we meet. We just need to give everyone the benefit of the doubt that, if they felt more love, they would have treated you better also. The hard parts is calling out the people you see exhibiting hate, but, again, you’re a warrior. If anyone can do it, it’s you. Now that we’re holding realistic expectations on everyday people, we need to have this space for ourselves. No 0-100 attitude toward your feelings.We are in the upside-down right now, and some of you may be doing a lot of crying and working through some deep shit. That’s amazing! Don’t be upset with yourself over it. These emotions have to surface for them to leave your body. It’s like you’re puking up a demogorgon in your sink. Crying kills it on sight, so it won’t develop into a demo-dog. If you just kept your emotions bottled up, or felt them but didn’t release, well, you might just turn into a shadow monster. But, in all seriousness, this is the time for release. It’s been a tough year. Every day you have to show up as a warrior, and it’s exhausting. So, take this weekend off. Rest without guilt. Cry without being mad at yourself about it. Eat snacks in your bed and binge Stranger Things again. Make pie and eat the whole thing. Take the time to love yourself. Speaking of yourself, let’s finally flip those cards over, eh?

Ok, so, for the people who chose the card with the smokey quartz on the left, your card is the Page of Swords, “Lightning Strike.” The card in the middle with the lithium quartz is the Queen of Cups, “The Vital Creatress.” The card on the right with the chevron amethyst is the Eight of Cups, “Labyrinth.”


The Page of Swords meets Societal Transformation

On the card you see a woman standing in a pose of power. She is receiving a dynamic, multifaceted lightning strike of clarity. We’ve been spending a lot of time trudging the murky depths of Scorpio season, and we’re starting to finally see the fog lift. Friday, we’re being asked to heal ourselves by the King of Pentacles. If you can take the night off, it will only further help you gain that sense of clarity. You’re walking toward a precipice, and plans definitely need to begin to finalize. Decisions have to be made before 2018. Saturday, The Chariot swoops in to remind us that clarity and preparedness are essential in moving to the next chapter of our lives. The Chariot always comes in when cycles need to be broken. You’ve been doing the same thing in some aspect of your life, and it’s not getting you anywhere or going anywhere. The Chariot wants you to execute ideas and plan for a break in that cycle. So, use this newly found clarity for progressing forward in your life. Sunday, Three of Cups, is a change in perspective. The women on the cards are converging their powers to make something new.  While you’re making plans and moving  forward, make sure you’re keeping in check wild expectations you could be placing on yourself. If you feel like the clarity isn’t coming forward, maybe that’s because you’re looking at the situation in the wrong way. Don’t give yourself unrealistic timelines. Don’t tell yourself that you have to be at a certain place in life by a certain age. Most people find their destiny and path by accident at a random time in their life. Do your best to stay present in this time and moment, and use the clarity and planing time for realistic goal setting. If you need to reach out to others, Sunday is a great day for teamwork. Ask for deep honestly, and take it as part of the humble pie. True honestly from friends is a gift that helps us grow.



The Queen of Cups meets Intuitive Harmony

On this card we see Frida Kahlo engaging us steadily and openly from a simplistic and dominantly violet palette. It is specifically your duty to remain open to others despite personal trauma. The more you do this, the stronger you become. You will start to walk with more authenticity and love than you thought possible. Friday, the King of Pentacles asks us to rest. Take the night off and rest. Take a bath, listen to music, and sleep. Sleep as long as you can. It’s going to be challenging to walk with tenderness for everyone, but, at some point, our strength has to overcome the trauma. You are not what happened to you. Don’t let your abuser win like that. You’re not alone is these experiences. Use your strength to lift up others that are having a hard time looking at the world through the eyes of a victim. They can take off those glasses, they just need to be shown that they are more then what happened to them. They have an inner light and a sense of humor we all need. They have a smile the world wants to see. You have the power to show people this. But, you’ve got to be strong. Rest up this weekend. The Chariot rolls in to remind you to break out of a cycle. You’ve been doing something the same for years and it isn’t getting you anywhere. Time for a new approach. You may need to wait until Sunday to figure out exactly what the approach is going to be. The Three of Cups ushers in a new perspective on Sunday. So, if ideas or strength doesn’t hit you Friday, don’t worry. Just rest and open your mind on Sunday.The women on the Three of Cups are converging their powers to make something new. Your situation is fully based on your perspective of it. Try seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes. Try getting outside of yourself to figure out your next move. In the meantime, smile at everyone on the street. Try to hold love for everyone, even the people that remind you of your abuser. There’s a video circulating the internet on dealing with bullies through love. Try to find it, message me if you can’t. It might help you with your perspective. Seek out others on Sunday. It’s a great day for teamwork. Ask for feedback on situations you need help with. Receive true honestly as a gift. Hear what you don’t like to hear and be open to what is being said. Don’t let your ego get in the way. Both negative and positive feedback is a gift.



The Eight of Cups meets Death and Decay

How do you see yourself? Do you see yourself as others see you? Do you know how others see you? Do you wish they saw you differently? The Eight of Cups is a perspective card. Are the hands on the card emerging from the depths or are they sinking? That is entirely up to you to decide. If you want people to see you in a certain light, be exactly what you want them to see. Even if it takes a note on your door to remind yourself every day, be the person you dream of being. You’re the only one stopping you. This weekend will allow you to organize these thoughts, as long as you don’t overbook yourself. The King of Pentacles is asking you to take Friday off for rest, at least after work. Do some self care. Read that book you’ve been wanting, build that shelf, do that face mask, eat an entire cake. Whatever self-care looks like for you, indulge on Friday. The Chariot rolls through on Saturday asking us to break cycles we’ve been stuck in for the past few years. What do you keep trying that never works out? Do yourself a favor and stop it. A better opportunity will present itself. Sunday is the Three of Cups. Sunday is for teamwork. Seek outside opinions and take them with a grain of salt. Listen to both positive and negative feedback and receive it as if it were a gift. Honestly helps us grow. It’s part of the humble pie.