We’ve danced in the shadow of the Moon, and felt our hearts beat to the pulse of the Sun. Today we ask, “what’s next?” Now we apply our heart felt motivation from Mercury and indirect tender lessons from Saturn to our self-discovery and radiance. When we look at the Three of Wands we see a woman sitting in the lotus position, preparing to meditate. She is multiplied, cascading outward and inward like breathwork. She is a colour spectrum, radiating through frequencies as she breathes. As we sit and breath, ourselves, we begin to feel an alignment in thought, word, and deed. Things that weren’t making sense in the past come forward in clarity. We begin to see in just the right light. Our focus on personal growth and stability has blossomed, and we’re seeing the fruits of our labor. We are wide open, vulnerable yet strengthened in our prosperity. Now is a great time to make important decisions with centeredness.