Wondering what’s going bump in the night? Want to know about the tech we use and why we use it? Curious how Carol can consume so much chocolate milk and not die? The answers to these Frequently Asked Questions, and everything you want to know about the show is below, and if not, reach out to us with your questions at hauntmeofficial@gmail.com or on Facebook!

What is Haunt ME?2019-02-11T22:10:23+00:00

Haunt ME is a web series airing online and on local Maine public access TV, focusing on notable and historical Maine locations with possible paranormal activity attached to them. Our team utilizes a combination of techniques to gather information about the phenomena, including extensive research and an investigation that makes use of both scientific and metaphysical tools. We document our findings and present them to offer some insight into the potential cause of the unexplained activity.

Who is on your investigation team?2019-02-11T22:12:03+00:00

Our team is made up of:

Ash Brooks, the team leader and historian. She researches the locations and compiles the history and evidence that occurred before we arrive in a location, and then works with the building or homeowners and the Haunt ME team to come up with a suitable plan for gathering information.

Carol Cleveland, the manesologist. Manesologists are paranormal experts that have a wide breadth of knowledge of various types of hauntings. Carol is a seasoned investigator and has investigated in a number of notable locations across the East Coast of the USA.

Ty Gowen, the tech analyst. Ty is our equipment guru, and is always finding new scientific gear to master and utilize in our investigations. His specialty is audio equipment and finding and isolating EVPs, or electric voice phenomena.

Katie Webb, the occultist. Katie is knowledgeable about the occult and metaphysical techniques for contacting spirits. She is a medium and utilizes tarot cards, crystals and various other tools to make contact with spirits.

Who does your filming?2019-02-11T22:13:07+00:00

We have a behind the scenes crew that works diligently to make our episodes and adventures possible. Our tech crew is headed by our co-creator, producer and editor Nick Nordfors, who is responsible for making Haunt ME what it is. Our talented and hard-working tech team includes Mike Strout, Krista Ryall, Erin Cross, Johnny Speckman, and Anna Halloran. Our original music in Season 3 & 4 was created by Matt Lajoie.

What equipment do you use?2019-02-11T22:14:13+00:00

We are always adding new equipment, but here are some tools we utilize in our episodes: digital audio recorders (each team member is equipped with one), digital sound amplifier, night vision goggles, IR cameras, film-based photography cameras (typically disposable), spirit box, K-II meters, EMF reader, “Ghost Touch” 3 device, ambient thermometers, REM-Pod, Gauss meter, laser grid, and of course flashlights. Our metaphysical tools include tarot cards, pendulums, crystals and personal talismans (a lucky item that each team member carries), books, and more. We rely on strong research as a supplemental tool as well.

When did Haunt ME premiere?2019-02-11T22:14:50+00:00

Haunt ME premiered our first episode at Coast City Comicon on November 11th, 2012.

When did the team first begin investigating together, and when was a certain episode filmed?2019-02-11T22:17:07+00:00

Haunt ME formed in 2011 with a training from Carol and Ty about EVP capture during their time at Waverly Hills. After a few months of haunted brainstorming our first investigation as a team (Episode 1-1) was filmed on January 28th, 2012. The first season was filmed in 2012, the second in 2013, the third season in 2014-2015, the fourth season in 2016-2017, the fifth season in 2017, and the sixth season in 2018. We are currently working to release season six and begin filming for season seven in 2019.

What season are you on now? When will the new episodes be out?2019-02-11T22:18:37+00:00

Season six premieres on May 21, 2019 and are currently working on filming season seven in 2019. Make sure to subscribe to www.youtube.com/hauntmeofficial so you don’t miss the Maine ghost adventures!

What is the rating system?2019-02-11T22:19:32+00:00

Instead of just spending a night in a location, Haunt ME works to act as a service for our viewers as we classify our experiences into the ratings below. Our ratings are an average of the historical haunted claims and our own findings during the night we spend in a location.

  • Score of 1-3 FRITH LEVEL — Minimal activity, slight K-II activity, personal experiences with no way to validate.
  • Score of 4-5 OBSTREPEROUS LEVEL — Shared personal experiences, reoccurring themes, consistent K-II activity, minor object manipulation.
  • Score of 6-7 ANDGIETE LEVEL — Active and intelligent spirit energy, communication in EVPs, visual evidence.
  • Score of 8-9 BELLICOSE LEVEL — As above, with added level of malice, intense energy drain (in people and electronics), object manipulation, harm to investigators.
  • Score of 10 BLODREOW LEVEL — As above, with massive spirit energy and potentially life-threatening situations.
What does the rating system do?2019-02-11T22:20:20+00:00

Our rating system includes five levels, with numbers ranging from 1 to 10. When we arrive at a location, we interview those with relevant experiences and collect any evidence that they have to offer us and any additional information we can find through research. We give the haunt a “pre-rate” based on this data. After our own investigation, we assign a score based on our findings. We then average these two scores together to give the location a final rating. We feel this is more fair, because it takes into account the stories of those who spend much more time in the building than we do.

Why is there not a 0 rating?2019-02-11T22:21:06+00:00

We feel that would be unfair, because we are only there for a short time and it would be presumptuous to say a place is not haunted when we are there for only a small fraction of the time that the homeowners or building managers are.

Do you actually catch real evidence?2019-02-11T22:22:26+00:00

We are honest. Sometimes there is literally no evidence. When that happens, we will tell you the truth, and the episode will be more about our journey and debunking the claims. We aim to make each episode entertaining while remaining truthful. That said, even the haunts we seem to think are the most uneventful end up scaring a lot of people!

How can I support your show?2019-02-11T22:23:31+00:00

You can like us on Facebook, follow us on Youtube, and sharing our episodes with your friends! You can also swipe some Haunt ME merchandise in our shop, as all proceeds go back into the continued improvement of our show.

Who created the banner on the homepage?2019-02-11T22:24:15+00:00

The photography is by Michael Strout and the photo art design is by the insanely talented Karl Pfeiffer Photography.

Is Haunt ME appropriate for children to watch?2019-02-11T22:24:48+00:00

Certain scenes could be scary for children. We would probably not recommend the show for those under the age of 12. Of course, use your own discretion.

I think my house is haunted. Will you come investigate?2019-02-11T22:25:59+00:00

While we only focus on public buildings or residences with notable Maine history, if you are having a paranormal problem we would be more than happy to counsel or refer you to a reputable group in your area. If you own a business or have a house with interesting local history and would like to be featured on the next season of our show, reach out to us with your haunted story!

For all inquiries, please email us at hauntmeofficial@gmail.com.

Can I join your team?2019-02-11T22:27:06+00:00

We are not looking for new members, but we do offer public events every so often, which is a great way to meet other like-minded people with whom you could form a team with!

What is the future of Haunt ME?2019-02-11T22:28:44+00:00

Much like the paranormal world, we’re always evolving. Be sure to subscribe on Youtube and follow us on Facebook to keep up to date! Haunt ME hopes to expand in the coming years to embrace all unusual phenomena, from UFOs to cryptozoology to alternate dimensions, portals and more. We’re so grateful to all our fans and supporters for watching our adventures!