Season 5

Haunt ME - Season 5 Trailer

For its fifth season, Haunt ME teams up with Greg and Dana Newkirk of The Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and the Occult to investigate things BEYOND the conventional paranormal.

Haunt ME - S5:E1 "The Tower - Part 1" (GRCC Revisited)

Greg and Dana Newkirk from the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and Occult join the team to share their research of a famed haunted artifact, and dive deep into one of the strangest and most haunted locations Haunt ME has ever face.Join the adventure for Season 5.Visit for more adventures with Greg and Dana Newkirk

Haunt ME - S5:E2 "The Tower - Part 2" (GRCC Revisited)

Dive deeper into the acute paranormal oddities of the Greater Rumford Community Center, as the team needs to expand their minds and tactics in order face what looms beyond the darkness. Igniting the powers of cursed and haunted objects, Haunt ME tries a risky strategy in their search for answers.Join the team as they press further beyond the veil.Visit to learn more about the haunted objects you’ll see in this episode.

Haunt ME - S5:E3 "Ace of Pentacles" (Old Narrow Gauge Trail)

Knock away the confines of a haunted house and wander with the Haunt ME team on their first ghostly wilderness case. The sun sets on the investigators as they search for the spirits still wandering the woods that bore witness to a tragic murder-suicide in Randolph, Maine.What is waiting for these investigators beyond the edge of the trail? Watch and find out.Subscribe now!

Haunt ME - S5:E4 "The High Priestess" (Barclay Cemetery)

Travel beyond borders with Haunt ME as they embark on their first ever paranormal roadtrip. Meeting up with Paramuseum curators, the team journey’s to the location that launched Greg Newkirk into the realm of a professional weirdo. See what inspired the legendary investigator, and what lies in wait for the team in the shadows of Barclay Cemetery, on this episode of Haunt ME. Hint – there are stranger things that ghosts out there… be ready for anythingVisit for more adventures with Greg and Dana Newkirk!

Haunt ME - S5:E5 "Death - Part 1" (Hinsdale House)

Brace yourself as the Haunt ME road trip continues to New York, while the team readies for the strangest investigation of their lives.The famed Hinsdale House, and its failed exorcism, proves to push the team beyond their limits as they struggle to grapple with the oddity within the haunted walls. Tactics, experience, and expectations will all be challenged on part one of this season’s very haunted finale.Hinsdale will ask more of you than any Haunt ME adventure yet. Be ready, be open, be safe.

Haunt ME - S5:E6 "Death - Part 2" (Hinsdale House)

Search deeper into the haunted Hinsdale House as the team continues to struggle balancing their investigation and their safety. - Keep the fire alive -Things begin to surface that the investigators have never seen before, and the team must steel themselves against what hides in the darkness. Attempting new techniques and new ways of thinking are paramount to understanding this strange and threatening place, in the eerie finale of Haunt ME Season 5; a case that will change the team forever.Previous episode:

Haunt ME - S5:E7 "Three of Wands" (Swan Island)

THE LOST EPISODE Our adventures on Swan Island may have claimed one of our memory cards with crucial footage, but it couldn't stop us from sharing our investigation. Pieced together with what footage remained we present an additional Season 5 episode to you, just in time for Halloween.For anything left not shown, we apologize as it was lost to the wilderness, but for everything else, welcome to Haunt ME's Halloween gift to you all. Happy Halloween, and thank you for journeying with us.Help fund Season six! Donate here and prepare for next year: here today and don't miss out on any of the ghastly goodness!

Season 4

Travel with the team as they use their hard earned experience to investigate the paranormal unlike ever before! Season four will feature 3 brand new haunted locations, as well as a return to 3 of the team’s favorite venues from past seasons – along with paranormal professionals Grant Wilson, Greg and Dana Newkirk, and Chip Coffey!

Haunt ME Season 4 Trailer

Subscribe now and discover the Power of Four in Season 4 of Haunt ME!Catch each episode - adventure packed with evidence, thrills, metaphysical explorations, and new tech. Check out what the teams been up to, see the six locations we'll visit, and get a sneak peak at three VERY SPECIAL guest stars this season.HAUNT ME SEASON Follow on

Haunt ME - S4:E1 "The Fool" (Admiral Peary Inn)

The Haunt ME team kicks off the season with a visit to the former home of famed North Pole explorer Admiral Edwin Peary. This house is now a bed and breakfast with a long history of strange spectral sightings from the owner and guests alike.

Haunt ME - S4:E2 "Eight of Swords - Part 1" (Parsonsfield Seminary Revisited)

With unfinished business from Season 3 Haunt ME, returns to Parsonsfield Seminary school for a special daytime investigation including a return appearance from the infamous dybbuk box. This time, they're bringing in the experts: special guests Greg and Dana Newkirk from The Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and Occult.Visit to learn more about the Newkirk's and their haunted objects.

Haunt ME - S4:E3 "Eight of Swords - Part 2" (Parsonsfield Seminary Revisited)

For the second half of this investigation of Parsonsfield Seminary, Haunt ME brings in the renowned dybbuk box in an attempt to study it further, with mixed reactions from the seminary spirits.

Haunt ME - S4:E4 "Five of Pentacles" (Governor Hill Mansion)

Watch as Haunt ME visits the state capital to investigate the former home of Governor John Freemont Hill, where the spirits of two separated lovers are said to roam the halls in search of one another. #StarCrossed

Haunt ME - S4:E5 "Nine of Wands" (Limington Farm Revisited)

Haunt ME returns to the Limington farm, the site of one of their most intense investigations to date. With the help of Grant Wilson, the team will come up with a plan to aid the new owners, who are experiencing similar frights in the upstairs bedroom as the previous residents.Follow what Grant Wilson is up to:

Haunt ME - S4:E6 "Eight of Cups" (Sanford Mills)

The Haunt ME team ventures underground in a sprawling mill complex that has been abandoned for half a century, knowing only the physical history of the building and nothing about its paranormal aspects, aside from that it's one of the most haunted locales in the area.

Haunt ME - S4:E7 "The World - Part 1" (Mill Agent's House Revisited)

Part One: Haunt ME returns to the Mill Agent's House, a paranormal hotspot, after consulting with psychic Chip Coffey. Chip believes there to be six spirits there, including a traveling spirit named Samson who is seeking help in crossing over.Learn more about Chip at

Haunt ME - S4:E8 "The World - Part 2" (Mill Agent's House Revisited)

After a very active start to their investigation of the Mill Agent's House, the Haunt ME team decides to try to find Samson, the spirit Chip Coffey told them is stuck in an earthly purgatory.Visit Chip Coffey at

Season 3

Watch the team as they take on more than they’ve encountered yet! The team pushes their limits to explore the world beyond the veil. Join them as they encounter more than just ghosts, and travel further than they have before! From haunted objects to haunted lighthouses, this season forces the team to face challenges unlike ever before.

Haunt ME Season 3 Trailer

The team is back! Check out the trailer for our upcoming third season, then SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss out!The team investigates six new Maine locations. Which ones have you been to and what have you found?

Haunt ME - S3:E1 "The Magician - Part 1" (GRCC)

Phantom footsteps, shadows, and things that go bump in the night; they're what the Haunt ME Team lives for. Now, the team reunites to take on their biggest and most harrowing challenge yet in Part 1 of their Season 3 adventure! What lies ahead for the team? It's time to find out.

Haunt ME - S3:E2 "The Magician - Part 2" (GRCC)

The haunting experience-packed conclusion to the Season 3 series premiere! Turn off the lights, grab a friend close, and enjoy!

Haunt ME - S3:E3 "Page of Pentacles" (Parsonsfield Seminary)

The team is invited to a preserved religious school, but will the spirits of faithful students passed clash with Katie and Ash's metaphysical techniques? Watch and see what the team encounters at Parsonsfield Seminary.Subscribe here on youtube and like us on facebook so you don't miss out on a single adventure!

Haunt ME - S3:E4 "Knight of Pentacles" (Pinecrest Inn)

As Ty and Ash return to their hometown to investigate a Bed and Breakfast, the team has to employ methods to make contact with spirits that may have never checked out. Join in the adventure here, and the Pinecrest Bed and Breakfast.Subscribe here on youtube and like us on facebook so you don't miss out on a single adventure!

Haunt ME - S3:E5 "Page of Cups" (Lyric Theater)

The Haunt ME team invites a guest with them to help investigate an old theater in Southern Maine. Will she fall to her fear of the dark or bravely be the first to contact the lonely spirits? Watch and find out in this special episode of Haunt ME!Subscribe here on Youtube and like us on Facebook so you don't miss out on a single adventure!

Haunt ME - S3:E6 "Seven of Swords" (Mexico High School)

Things take a dark turn for the team when they encounter a haunted relic. Watch as they try to deal with this startling encounter. *Note* This episode may be unsettling to younger viewers.

Haunt ME - S3:E7 "The Hermit" (Seguin Island)

Travel with Haunt ME and watch as they're stranded overnight on a Haunted Island off the coast of Maine, where sea legends and vengeful spirits lurk in the shadows of the lighthouse.

Season 2

With quality experience under their belts, journey with Haunt ME as they work to flex their paranormal muscle with new and exciting challenges. Traveling further than ever within their home state of Maine, the team must work together, uniting metaphysical with science in a unique take on paranormal investigation, in order to make contact with the other side.

Haunt ME - S2:E1 "Ace of Swords" (The Library)

Reuniting with friends for a new adventure and venturing further into the unknown, the Haunt ME team begins season 2 with an exciting investigation of the McArthur Library in Biddeford Maine.Is it Haunted or Not, watch and find out, as we kick off the first episode of Haunt ME's second season!For more, also visit and

Haunt ME - S2:E2 "Seven of Cups" (Hillside Hall)

The team is perplexed by an unusual haunt in South Portland, and struggles to solve the paranormal puzzle that lays before them.

Haunt ME - S2:E3 "Six of Swords" (Fort Knox)

The Haunt ME team travel's north to spend the night at the historical Fort Knox in Prospect, Maine. Haunt ME joins with the the stewards of the fort, the East Coast Ghost Trackers who have an unusual relationship with the spirits that reside in the old military post.

Haunt ME - S2:E4 "The Hierophant" (Masonic Temple)

The Haunt ME team explores the temple of a historic secret society; The Freemasons. Join the team as they journey through the temple where few are allowed to enter, all while exploring the secrets and spirits that reside within.Subscribe to the Haunt ME channel and share with your friends so you dont miss out on any of the ghostly action!

Haunt ME - S2:E5 "The Moon" (Mill Agent's House)

With a number of investigations under their belt, the Haunt ME team takes on their most chilling adventure. Watch as the team explores a mansion in Vassalboro, capturing evidence that causes them to rate this their highest yet!Don't miss out on the ghostly action on this episode of Haunt ME

Haunt ME - S2:E6 "Four of Wands" (Soule House)

The season 2 finale follows the team as they're invited into a farm house in South Portland with a past connection with a Oujia Board.See them use the board as a trigger object to try and reconnect with spirits that are deeply sown into the old farm. This eventful season ends with an episode you won't want to miss!

Season 1

Newly formed and eager to learn, the Haunt ME team embarks on their inaugural adventure; traveling throughout Maine to stir up, investigate, and record some of the most fascinating hauntings their home state has to offer. The training wheels may still be on, but the ghosts are out there! Watch the adventure begin!

Haunt ME - S1:E1 "Ace of Wands" (Training Episode)

Haunt ME explores a spooky home for their first paranormal investigation. Will Ashley and the others be ready for the creepy mission ahead, and will they find answers for the family living there? Watch and see!

Haunt ME - S1:E2 "Five of Cups" (The Old Schoolhouse)

The Haunt ME team travels to an old school house, said to be haunted by a spirit called "Bat Girl". Will the newly formed team have the skills necessary to coax this shy spirit out of hiding? Watch and see!

Haunt ME - S1:E3 "Three of Pentacles" (The Church)

Haunt ME travels to a picturesque cathedral to investigate strange happenings. What curious spirits hide among the stained glass, pews, and pulpit? Leave it to our investigators to find out!

Haunt ME - S1:E4 "The Chariot - Part 1" (The Mill)

The team undertakes their biggest challenge yet in the form of an enormous historic textile mill. As they venture through the dark looking for long-lost spirits, just what might be in the shadows, looking for them? Join us for part one of this double episode!

Haunt ME - S1:E5 "The Chariot - Part 2" (The Mill)

The Haunt ME team delves deeper into the winding labyrinth of the mill for the exciting conclusion of this two part episode.

Haunt ME - S1:E6 "Two of Swords" (The Farm)

After being invited to one of the oldest farms in southern Maine, Haunt ME sets out to investigate claims of distress and bodily harm. Though eager to help the residents who called upon them, will they find themselves in over their heads? Watch and find out!

Haunt ME - S1:E7 "Judgement" (The Restaurant)

The Haunt ME team wraps up the eventful season with an investigation at one of the most acclaimed haunted locations in Southern Maine. After the team enjoys an evening of dining on delicious food and reminiscing about their favorite experiences so far, watch the culmination of all the investigators have learned throughout this season, as they set out in search for what still resides within the seasoned walls of this restaurant. Don't miss the compelling Season One finale for Haunt ME!