We continue to push through the old paradigms today. We have a lot of odd numbers in play. The month is number 5, the date is the 17 (although, in numerology it would be an 8), the year is 2017 (a 1 in numerology), and the card is a 3. Odd numbers represent the sacred masculine. This doesn’t reflect a gender whatsoever. Gender is actually a choice, which is how it needs to be perceived by everyone if we want to continue to pave a new path toward equality. To go a little further, gender has nothing to do with choosing between male and female either. If this is a confusing topic for you, I encourage you to do some research. The sacred masculine doesn’t mean that these days belong to men. It means that there are certain energetic traits that we can expect when there’s a lot of yang energy in the air. We can expect the Sun to have the largest influence over the day, we can feel motivated, in search of stability, relationship focused, have high levels of fear, anxiety, or joy and creativity. The sacred masculine rules our lower chakras. So, without even knowing anything about our card, we can already begin to establish how today is going to feel for many. We see Mars rising in the background of this card (another member of the sacred masculine club), and a woman with her goat on the cliff. Slow and steady progress toward our goals and our ascension. We are third dimensional beings heading toward a fifth dimensional existence, so when I talk about ascension, I am not talking about heading toward heaven. I am talking about our levels of consciousness and how we perceive reality. Today will be about the small steps taken toward larger goals. Take pride in your process. You deserve it!