For our Wednesday card, we will actually be fusing together the 2 of Cups and the 5 of Cups. We talked briefly about Mercury picking up speed this month. It’s going to end up moving through 2 zodiac signs on its way toward the Sun. That’s how much energy is propelling toward us! We are starting to feel influences from Jupiter and the Full Moon as well. This is a very energetic week. You may encounter a lot of strange activities simply because people are overcharged. It’s a great week for a ghost hunt! I’ll go into more detail on Jupiter and the Full Moon on Friday, but know that Jupiter has been in retrograde since Feb, and it goes direct during the Full Moon. When Jupiter is in retrograde it slows down our process of manifestation. Thursday┬áis going to feel like we were put in a slingshot and released! Since time is on a spectrum, some of us are feeling these energetics begin now. It’s a great week to purge what you no longer need. When we look at the 5 of Cups we see a cloaked woman who has her head downcast. Before her sit three chalices spilled over, and behind her are two chalices that are still upright. This card indicates that we might be focusing on the negative while ignoring the positive. You may have spilt three of your chalices, but you still have two perfectly full. When you empty the cups of your life you’re making room to fill them up again, and that’s what a Full Moon is all about. So, even though it might be tough to see the silver lining, it’s something we need to transmute. We can grieve our disappointments, but we should be trying to focus on the positive in all events.