Invoking love. The underlying current of every card pulled over the past week has been love. Empathy is growing. It’s finally becoming cool to care about others. Our goal isn’t to be the best, that’s a relative concept. We are to be our best, and we can’t be our best if we’re not treating our peers the best we can treat them. Treat people as you want to be treated. We are awakening as a whole through a human bond. On the card you will see two wolves howling at the sky. Their unified call brings forth a pyramid of light. One wolf is black, the other is white. Their synergy is dependent on their opposites, and this is how they balance each other out. Celebrate the people around you that add new ideas and insight into your life. They are enriching you with growth and furthering your to wisdom. This card asks us to find our own voice, love ourselves, and then find the bonds of harmonic, deep romantic love. We’re deep in the middle of a celebration of people. Since January there has been extreme media coverage of people who are out for themselves and are cutthroat in their tactics. It’s time to take the camera away from those ideals and focus on the good. Open yourself up to someone who is very different than yourself. Find love in people.