You know when you are home alone, and you hear that strange noise, and you think “Oh God, my place is haunted.”  That was me, amidst watching  hundreds of various ghostly stories and television shows, jumping at every unknown noise.  Now that I have a few seasons of investigations under my belt, my first thoughts after an unidentifiable noise in the dark is: “Please don’t be some sort of animal.” Ghosts I can handle, bats, rats, and mice, not so much.

Outside normality

That isn’t to say all paranormal experiences are commonplace to me now, quite the opposite.  Each episode we film I learn more about what is out there (holy shit is there a lot out there, wait until I tell you about faeries), and all the things you may not have been aware of… until now.  For example, the dybbuk box.

(I would just like to note when I saved the above image I titled it TheBox – so of course going to upload the image I clicked ‘Open’ TheBox.  The irony is overwhelming and, you know, just a tiny bit terrifying.)

Featured in Season Three’s episode: Seven of Swords, this homely wooden crate caused quite a stir.  I would love to tell you I was at the filming of this episode, but there was a horrendous ice storm (cue: Let It Go).  After hearing the stories, and doing some research, perhaps not participating in first contact wasn’t so bad.

The Details

A Dybukk derives from a Yiddish word meaning “to adhere.”  A Dybbuk is the disconnected soul of the deceased, often found to be malicious and possessive.  There are theories which indicate a dybbuk is a person, not properly laid to rest, whose soul has corrupted to demonic levels. Most importantly, dybbuks cannot be contained.  After reading some of the accounts associated with the wine box that inspired the Hollywood film The Possession, this idea does not seem so far fetched.  Those who owned that particular box  box supposedly experienced some intense health issues and paranormal activity, even when the box was shut.  Perhaps the entity is more tethered than trapped..

What’s in the box?

So, what is inside this particular dybbuk box?   For anyone who doesn’t know, and feels compelled to be completely scared, this particular box is houses a pretty power entity, believed to be a fifth level demon.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I find it pretty hard to believe that something that powerful can be completely contained.  In our experiences, past and recent, this creature has reach, and if it can already contact people, and other entities around it, what else can it do?


I have avoided posting this blog due to the serious nature of this item.  The reality is the negative energy of this level is not something to be messed with.  All members of the Haunt ME team, crew and otherwise, have been in the presence of this box and have had adverse reactions.   Always, always, always, be cautious with Haunted objects.

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