Spirit worlds and alternate dimensions rejoice as Venus conjuncts the North Node. A weight has come out from underneath the veil, and center chakras (Sacral-Heart) are feeling more open. From now until Monday, be vulnerable and take chances on others.

The Knight of Wands charges forth on Mercury-driven Wednesday, a day of heightened communication and knowledge. Today starts the change/major shift on our path. For some, this shift started at the beginning of the month, but for the rest, we’ve come to a bridge. Some people have crossed it, and have been looking back ever since hoping it was a good idea, and some others are just hanging out underneath it swimming in the water. For the people just arriving at this bridge, today marks a turning point. The Knight of Wands, Wild Fire, illuminates our lower chakras and helps us channel our life force. Whatever is happening right now, whether it be in front of you or behind the scenes, has an unstoppable momentum. That means, the people that crossed the bridge are set off on the next chapter, the people swimming under it are bathing in time waiting to receive news, and the people who just reached the bridge are going to receive unsurmountable clarity and direction. Let’s get swept up in the winds of change and ask questions later.

The 5 of Pentacles shows up on Thursday, the day ruled by Jupiter, a planet of growth and gifts. This card shows up when we have lost our direction and begin to feel isolated. Interesting follow up to the Knight giving us so much direction on Wednesday! What’s happening is that the road we’re following isn’t designed by our past. It feels foreign to us and at times can leave us wondering if we’re making the right decisions at all. Stay the course. For those handed opportunities today that seem to come out of nowhere, take them. These random portals in a sea of desert are priceless. Look back on the inner depth and confidence you achieved last week, you’ll need it for tomorrow and Monday.

The Moon shows up on Friday to offer us some new insight. Sometimes this card can be looked at as an intense journey in shadow self, and that’s not totally wrong, but because of the cards it’s teamed up with this week, the shadow is actually here to offer up a new perspective. Think of your favorite place. Now, think of what it looks like in the dark. The Moon casts different shadows then the Sun and illuminates new alleys and crevices. Sometimes this makes us afraid because it exposes areas we didn’t think to look of before, but if we don’t look at them as a potential threat, then, what is there to be afraid of? You may have never noticed that alley in the daytime, and you could think of it as a place where a threatening person could be lurking, or you could stay open and realize that it’s a short cut and saves you 10 minutes on your commute. Friday is the day ruled by Venus, and when that energetic infuses with the Moon, we know we must rid our lives of fear. We must look for deeper meanings and understand. Muster up the extra energy to stay strong today, you will be happy that you did.

                                                                                                                                                Saturn-day is finally here, and, for you weekend warriors it can feel like a gift. Luckily for everyone, a day that the 9 of Cups shows up is a gift for everyone. Today is a little extra boost for manifesting your dreams. You’re in strong standing too. After Friday’s Moon card, you can now see that the words with which you use to manifest your desires need to take new shapes as well. Since Saturn is the planet of such harsh lessons, take a moment to reflect on a situation you didn’t handle as well as you could. What could you have changed within your behavior to have made that go well? Maybe it’s time to re-focus and manifest those better behaviors. No need to wait for the New Moon to expose those truths within ourselves.

Sunday, the Universe steps in and tells us to take a break. We have some major energetic shifts coming our way over the next two weeks, so today we climb on a floatation device and let the river of life take us down stream.