If you’re following the planetary movements in traditional Vedic study, like I am, you will know that the Sun has moved into Gemini today. This makes for a direct opposition with Saturn in Sagittarius, which is currently retrograde. This opposition will last one week, and then Saturn will return to Scorpio. This brings forth a lot of ego and aggression into our realm. Luckily we have been working on our strength, and we must keep it in the forefront of our minds. Now is the time to know our worth and the worth of others. Namaste, recognizing the light within me and the light within you. The Wheel of Fortune card is our Sun right now. It’s pushing our individuality and giving us lots of encouragement. We just have Mars and Saturn on our shoulder ready to put us in our place if we let our ego get out of control. Keep a nice balance. Think about how you worked through last Monday. Without any water in the chart today, you could end up witnessing some real tension. Sort out problems through emotions, and keep empathy in the front of your minds. If we can maintain this balance we will remain open to the transformative changes in the air. Keep the understanding that fortune is a changing constant, finding lessons and gratitude in all things that happen.