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Super Jupiter meets the card of the day***

Today’s tarot post requires some prep on your behalf. If you didn’t pick a personal card on Monday, go do that now. The card of the day is interacting with your personal card this week.

Tuesday morning, Jupiter shifted into Scorpio after a 13 month stint in Libra. Today’s cards are going to talk about exactly what that is going to feel like for you for the rest of the week.







You’ve been getting to know Temperance for the past two days. How have these days been for you? Are you finding the time to, take soothing deep breaths, or add stretching to your days? Are you finding new coping mechanisms for dealing with stressful situations? It’s important to remember those little things that have the power to lighten the mood. For me it’s listening to my favorite album (the new SZA is my current fav), while I get ready for the day and buying an iced coffee. The 7 of Wands shows up with an energy boost! Now is the time to say your wildest dreams out loud. What do you want your contribution to existence to be?  Say it. Know that you’re going to do it. YOU ARE. YOU ARE DOING IT NOW.




You’re starting to understand the dynamics of the Four of Cups now that you’ve had two days with it. The shift from Jupiter is bringing your abundant relationships to life. You’ve been given an energy boost from the 7 of Wands that is here to reach out for what you’ve been dreaming about the past few days. You have not been meeting people by accident. Teamwork is abundant right now! Communication is at its peak! Tell the people in your tribe how much you appreciate them. You’ll be seeing a lot more of each other in the near future. Today is a great day for projects! You are like a supernova! YOU CAN DO IT ALL TODAY




As you’ve given over power to the Universe, you get met with an abundance of energy today. Use it to tie up loose ends, run errands, and take small steps toward an endeavor that makes you excited. While time passes slowly, it’s important to keep growing internally and learning about ourselves. It’s a good time for realizations and honesty. Maybe you have’t been your highest self lately, and you owe someone an apology for how you reacted in a situation. Stay humble and truthful in your analysis of self right now. It’s not a time for regret, it’s a time for growth, TODAY, I CAN ACCOMPLISH THE WORLD.

Mount Washington

Haunt ME was super excited to participate in another Strange Escapes event at the Washington Hotel back in November.  For the record, this is one of the most beautiful hotels I have ever seen.  It’s amidst the gorgeous White Mountains in New Hampshire.  When you walk in it feels like you stepped into history, AND it has paranormal activity.

View of pond and resort at Mount Washington
Photo credit Mt. Washington Hotel

Mount Washington, a history

The property is haunted by a Princess for who loved to vacation there.  Wife of Joseph Stickney, Carolyn quickly became a widow after her wealthy husband passed a year after completion of the hotel.  She loved the Mount Washington so much she had her bedroom set sent over from the south of France and housed in her favorite room (a room which you can say in, along with the original bed.)  Every night in the dinning room she would have a singular table set up for her, a tradition the staff keeps up to this day.

Our Favorite Spots

On this trip we had a chance to explore the Princess’ room, the graveyard on premises, the Bretton Arms Inn, and the stables.  If you want a fun, easy going ghost adventure, check out the Strange Escapes VIP event coming up in May.  You’ll see Haunt ME‘s Ty Gowen, presenting a Ghost Hunting 101 lecture about everything you need to know about going on a ghost hunt!

The Princess Room is beautiful and we got some interesting evidence.  Other places like the presidential wing left us with more questions than answers; shadow play, minor K2 hits, what is hanging around in the hotel’s newest addition.  I think the most unnerving place was the Bretton Arms Inn with rows and rows of empty rooms with closed doors just waiting for something to peek their head around.  Spooky.


The highlight of this weekend was the opportunity we had to sit down and discuss one of the most terrifying and confusing experiences with the paranormal: the box. Check out our blog post and all of the theories surrounding this mysterious object.