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Nuit’s Bosom

Pursuing transformation is the theme of our weekend. We begin by seeing the Death card. This card is huge in our steps toward change. This card is telling us to open ourselves to it and embrace what happens. For some of us it will be hard because, sometimes, you have to empty your cup before you can fill it again. Mars is giving us that push toward our purpose, and whatever doesn’t fit has to go. When we look at the card we see a woman in an elegant dress standing in front of a long ascending staircase. The goddess Nuit is ready to receive Death. Physically and symbolically, Death is inevitable, and it is marked by beginnings and endings.


Wishful Blessings

Coming right off of the Super Moon, we have Mars transit Gemini. This is adding to our unstoppable flow from the New Moon. We’re seeing that horizon and climbing onto the next plateau, and now we’re being given a driving boost. This is not the time for leisure. Make plans. Mars will be energizing all of the duel signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. This isn’t the first time we see the 9 of Cups show up for us. It came in last Sunday and prepared us for our New Moon intentions. Now, it shows up as we begin this energetic transformation. Continue your manifestations from the New Moon. Keep that vibe alive through Sunday. Let’s celebrate this motion, and embrace the joyous energy which now surrounds you.


Unstoppable Flow

The New Moon of May has arrived! It is said that you feel the pull of a New Moon 4 days before it occurs and 4 days after it occurs. With this being a Super Moon, that is absolutely true. We are experiencing huge transformations! We’ve been talking about feeling a horizon coming up, but we can’t seem to see it or see over it. You’ll begin to see how things are taking shape for you over the next week or so. We have some planetary shifts to assist us with this process, but you’re doing a lot of the work yourself. Your manifestations from the prior New Moons of 2017 will start to take form from this moment forward. It isn’t going to be all bright and shiny, because how would we grow, but it’s all going to be significant and developmental. In western astrology the Moon is moving into Gemini. There are many articles about the duality of this sign and the chaos approaching, but I don’t see a lot of chaos, in the next week anyway. The King of Wands has shown up to guide us through this New Moon in Taurus/Rohini. This card ignites a ripple we’re going to see flow through our lives until Sunday. A man, seated in the lotus position, floats between the Sun and Moon. A Kundalini serpent slithers up his back, and an outpouring of energy flows from his head. Kundalini proclaims major transformation, as I have mentioned before. Whatever has transpired over the past four days has an unstoppable momentum. All you have to do to keep it going is to keep the balance. We are being swept up in a rapid current, and even if it’s uncomfortable, it’s up to us to go with the flow.


Wishful Blessings

This sweet little card likes to show up on the weekend to remind us to live our best lives. It’s a great day to speak about what you’re grateful for in your life, and a great time to make a couple of wishes. Anything you wish for today should be included in your New Moon manifestation. Don’t slumber through this magical time! Embrace the changing planets, be thankful for all of the wisdom you have gained over the years, and rejoice! Embrace the vibrations that surround you!



Sensual Excitation

Continuing on with the Major Arcana today, we have the Devil in our midsts. This is always a great reminder that we don’t need to be what others want us to be. This card shows up when it’s time to encourage ourselves do live as our innermost voice tells us to live. Breath in the air today and enjoy the simple things. If hard times and heaviness come at you today, remember that Saturn is doing it’s thing and we were expecting it. Every test makes us smarter and wiser. Laugh off the negativity. The less we laugh about our circumstances, the more possessed by them we become. Today is not a day for laziness. so stay active, and keep it light!


Cosmic Union

Saturn and Uranus began a dance yesterday that is propelling sudden change into some of our lives. Since Saturn tends to either ground and stabilize us or teach us harsh lessons, and Uranus likes to change, awaken, startle, and shock us, it’s pretty safe to assume that none of us saw this coming. We may have felt a new horizon, but we never imagined it would be like this! On the card you see a woman sitting in the desert holding a crystal ball above her head. She’s been doing some gazing and divination, but the answers were blurry until now. The full cycle of the moon sits above her head and arches in the sky. We’ve come full circle and are ready to reach the next plateau. The World is the last card in the Major Arcana, meaning that this is a card deeply rooted in fate and destiny. If you’ve been working on your elevation and listening to your intuition, you will notice an ease into transition. If you’re not ready to change, then you’ll probably notice some major changes happening around you. That’s ok. Take it in. Think about what you need to do to be ready the next time a rewarding universal trine shows up. We are liberated, joyous, naked, and fearless. We are ready to take on a new phase of growing, giving, learning, and loving. There are no more masks or veils, we see as it really is.


Tense Trepidation

You may find yourself caught up in one of Saturn’s sneaky lessons today. The ringed planet like to illuminate our shadows. If you have been following my blog for some time, you will remember a few months ago was a time for facing our fears. It was a time to put ourselves in situations of discomfort and find some kind of comfort there. This is another one of those times, only a little more intense. Don’t be surprised if the skeletons in your closet pay you a visit today. Luckily, the Sun still sits in Taurus, so we have a little more patience than usual. We’ve also been opening up our minds, so we should be able to handle most situations with a deep breath today. Rahu is no longer an influence over the Sun, so we’ve regained some clarity. The planets are in your favor today. Simply, declare that none of this has a hold over you anymore. Make your intentions sincere and firm. You are a ray of light, and you simply don’t need the muck from the past hanging on anymore,


Dutiful Elegance

We continue to push through the old paradigms today. We have a lot of odd numbers in play. The month is number 5, the date is the 17 (although, in numerology it would be an 8), the year is 2017 (a 1 in numerology), and the card is a 3. Odd numbers represent the sacred masculine. This doesn’t reflect a gender whatsoever. Gender is actually a choice, which is how it needs to be perceived by everyone if we want to continue to pave a new path toward equality. To go a little further, gender has nothing to do with choosing between male and female either. If this is a confusing topic for you, I encourage you to do some research. The sacred masculine doesn’t mean that these days belong to men. It means that there are certain energetic traits that we can expect when there’s a lot of yang energy in the air. We can expect the Sun to have the largest influence over the day, we can feel motivated, in search of stability, relationship focused, have high levels of fear, anxiety, or joy and creativity. The sacred masculine rules our lower chakras. So, without even knowing anything about our card, we can already begin to establish how today is going to feel for many. We see Mars rising in the background of this card (another member of the sacred masculine club), and a woman with her goat on the cliff. Slow and steady progress toward our goals and our ascension. We are third dimensional beings heading toward a fifth dimensional existence, so when I talk about ascension, I am not talking about heading toward heaven. I am talking about our levels of consciousness and how we perceive reality. Today will be about the small steps taken toward larger goals. Take pride in your process. You deserve it!


Animal Instinct

The planets have spread out across the solar system, giving our bodies a much needed break. When planets occupy signs together, it can begin to feel like many people in a crowded room all trying to talk to you at once. This space allows us to really hear our intuition. This is exactly what we need right now. We need to listen to our inner voice in order to grow. Yesterday, we talked about expanding beyond a societal box. When you are able to hear your own inner monologue, that expansion will happen naturally. There is no timeline you’re supposed to follow. There is no age limit for starting over. There is an 80 year old Chinese woman running her family’s business and DJing on the side. She is living proof that life continues on at any age. This card is asking us to integrate our carnal lust and every desire into our lives. Hone in on what you want to manifest. There will be a New Moon in a little over a week. Use this time to figure yourself out. Really listen to your needs. Think only of yourself right now. What do you need to be living your best life?



Let’s talk about the suit of swords for a moment. We had the 9 of Swords yesterday, and the Queen today. There will be a couple more later on in the week as well. This is the suit of air, the suit of intelligence. If we associate this element, air, with a part of the body, it controls our brain. So, these cards tackle how we process information, how we internalize the world around us, and how we think about ourselves. The importance of a new paradigm is paramount, so let’s think about what that looks like in terms of how we think. We have to stop identifying with thought processes of the past. We have to recognize the constructs our society has placed on us as humans. In fact, we also have to realize, that most of us, at one time or another, were not humans. Try a short meditation tonight. Get yourself comfortable, and then picture yourself reentering your room. Before you enter, you leave your ego at the door. Take off the titles you wear, no more mom/partner/friend/activist/lover, just human. Enter the room in your pure form. Feel the light grow inside of your chest, it will glow so bright you will see it through your eyelids. The rest is up to you. Daydream a little. Go exactly where you want to be. For the next two weeks, my spirit is in a cabin on top of a rocky cliff alongside an ocean with three of my guides. I can’t wait to see how it emerges at the New Moon. I can’t wait for you to see how you develop over the next two weeks as well.

The Queen of Swords stands in front of us with a cube on her head. She is a reminder that we can get stuck thinking that we need to be a certain person to gain acceptance. She is asking us to grow out of our roles and find truth in who we really are.


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