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Light and Dark

We can expect the weekend to be an emotional roller coaster. We have the Sun entering Cancer on Saturday, along with several other planets. Cancer is led by the Moon which is flexible. So, rapid emotional changes are abound. The ability to be flexible toward others is going to prove very successful all weekend long. One minute it will feel like the light is shining on the world, and the next minute it will feel like it’s covered in darkness. Knowing this information is power in itself, so we can adapt accordingly. Keep the light from yesterday. Keep laughing at mistakes. Be tender with yourself and others. Since we are expecting these shifts, we can all be a strength for our peers.


Light Consciousness

As the feeling of unrest settles in all of us, we begin to deepen our understanding of how to channel this energy. The astrology for the day is causing social anxiety for many (thanks Mercury and Jupiter), so it’s a great time to look within, and allow your inner voice to be heard. Take some time for silence. Hear yourself. Let some of your personal expectations go. Lighten up a little, and laugh at yourself.

Yesterday, we saw the dichotomous wolves coming together in a perfect union. Loving within so that we can love around us was one of our goals. Today, we see those same wolves, except now they are ready to receive the love the Universe has to offer. They have done all of the inner work and are open for receiving.

Today, we are reborn in light. In June, we worked on our accepting our darkness, and that work paid off. We are open and ready to receive all of our manifestations. We know that our dreams will manifest, and we know it will most likely be in an unconventional way. That is why today, we are light-hearted and ready to laugh at our mistakes. Nothing weighs on our shoulders because everything is temporary. So, today we love life, and let it transform into something that makes us whole.


Dichotomous Wolves

Mars entered Cancer on Tuesday, creating changes within our household, family, and other residential centers. Some of us will feel the need to reorganize our house or have a second spring cleaning. This works seamlessly with residual energetics from the past two cards. It is still up to us to break out of old cycles right now. The King of Pentacles is forever looming over our shoulder in July. It really wants a newness in the air. So, the card of the day may have changed, but we still need to break away from the past. It will require severing ties with people for some of us, and for others, it could include moving or getting a new job.

Our yin and yang wolves have shown up to play a very big role in this intense week of shifts and change. The Lovers is a card from the Major Arcana and ushers in a bit of destiny. Move slowly today, pay attention to synchronicities. What are you doing at the time they are happening? The next two days will be full of realizations and awakenings for many of us.

While, some of what we are going through right now is hard, we are asked to remember to be tender with ourselves. The world might not be easy on you, but it’s time for you to be easy on yourself. Hug your body, drink tons of water, and hold a space for gratitude. Important relationships shine!


Spiritual Doctor, again!

Once again we see the King of Pentacles coming forward. Can you guess why? The Universe has huge things in store for this week, and until we start breaking out of old habits, change won’t occur. We aren’t pawns that the Stars play with. We are sentient beings that hold pieces of the Universe in us. We are the Universe. We have to play our role in order for anything to happen. If we just stand by and wait, that’s all we’ll do. If we doubt ourselves and think nothing good could happen, then nothing good will happen. If we work together, we can create an entirely new world. We are the power. You have the power. Think in terms of, “I can,” and “I am.” You will start to see change taking shape.

Again, we are asked to look to the Earth for wisdom. Seek out like minds and new hobbies. Change your routine. Change your route to work. Change everything that you can and that you’re willing to change. You’ll start to see blessings around every corner.


Spiritual Doctor

The King of Pentacles has been showing up a lot over the past couple of weeks. This is a constant reminder to break out of old habits. It’s our responsibility to pave a new path, and we can’t do that if we are making the same mistakes over and over again. It’s time to create new foot prints. Change the routine. Change the places you shop, change your hair. If you’ve been thinking about getting a new job or moving. Do it. Put those plans in action. Our astrology has turned us into motivated beings who are waking up and realizing that it’s time to get it done. Be the person you admire, live your dreams. This card wants to remind us that our bodies are our machine that we use to attain love, money, meaning, and all other facets of existence on this third dimensional plane.

You can do and be anything you want in this life. You just have to know you can.


Nuit’s Bosom

If you’ve been habitually reading the blog, you will remember that I called out July 10th to be a day of massive change for many people. Here it is, July 10th. The Death card has come up to describe this day of great transformation, not surprised. Death is a card from the Major Arcana which, as you can remember, signifies fate and destiny at work. The changes brought on by fate don’t always feel positive, but they are always monumental. Death marks the beginning and ending of a phase. It represents external change- jobs, relationships, where we live- everything around us. Welcome the changes that are knocking on your door. Keep yourself open because this is just the beginning of the transformation this week has in store for us.

A snake sheds its skin, and so must I, from time to time.

July Buck Moon

As our Thunder Moon sets in, we begin to feel the draw and thirst for knowledge of our future. For some it will feel unbearable, and for others, it will feel like nothing new. Continuing on with the theme of building a bridge between Vedic and Western Astrology, we see our Full Moon in two signs, as it will always be. If you’re tracking the progressive movements of the Moon, you will know that it is in Sagittarius. If you follow the Western Zodiac pattern for the Moon, you’ve been reading about it sitting in Capricorn. The bridge between these two signs is our Earthly realm, our material plane. The Full Moon is ushering a wave of energy that will help us all center our focus around our job on this planet, it will help us get our houses in order, and it will help our drive.

Because there is so much changing, I’ve decided to do something a little different. If you follow Sun Sorceress Tarot on Facebook, you will see that I have posted a variety of different articles and web sites that will help you guide yourself through the next couple of days. I have also decided to pull a 3 card spread to describe our Moon aspirations.

The first card that came up is the Two of Pentacles, Wakeful Transmutation. This card brings up energetics from Wednesday. Do you remember Wednesday? Was there anything specific about it? Any a-ha moments? Any lessons? Reflect on all of this information over night. That day taught you something, and it needs to stick with you throughout the next moon cycle. This card is ruled by Jupiter, as is the Sagittarius Moon. Absorb the wisdom, lean into the transformation that’s taking shape within you.

The Seven of Cups has come forward to remind you that you are hand in hand with the Universe creating your own reality. If you feel isolated or trapped within a situation, you have to face the hard truth that you got yourself into this mess. You are the only one who can get out of it. So, no blaming situations on the Full Moon this month! It’s time for us all to come together and claim responsibility for our actions. Only then can our full transformation take place.

The King of Swords takes us right into Monday. Passionate ambition will define the beginning of our week. It’s the final outcome from this Moon. The drive given to us from Sagittarius, and the leadership from Capricorn can turn us into hyper-focused work machines. Let the work be your dreams and goals. The King of our determination has arrived, and they’re taking the throne of our hearts. From here, we can manifest anything we desire. If you didn’t put any manifestation into action tonight, work on it until the New Moon. That will give it plenty of time to take hold.


The Objective Dissector

Now that we’ve gotten our mundane tasks in order, we can get back to working toward our dreams. It’s always a good sign when a Major Arcana card comes in, even if it has to reveal harsh truths. This suit is the suit of destiny. It comes forth when we need to make certain moves to change or stay on course. Today, we’re tapping into our minds. The all-seeing eye is a never-ending wealth of knowledge for higher consciousness. Take some time for silence, whether it’s in the car or walking down the street, let your mind open up and reveal truth. Now is the time for epiphanies and direct insight into oneself. This card asks us to find the higher purpose in all things, and to step outside of ourselves. We must let go of preconceived notions and titles.


Spiritual Doctor

As the Full Moon gets closer, we begin to feel it’s energy in our daily lives. It’s filtering in an energetic we haven’t felt in a long time, and instead of focusing on it, we have to focus on the material plane. We’ve been swept up in getting our bodies ready for the upcoming immense changes, and we’ve let our physical existence go un-checked. Break out of a routine today, and touch base with people you haven’t talked to in a while. Send an e-mail to a friend and let them know you’re thinking about them. Make a dentist appointment. Do all of the mundane activities before the Full Moon comes upon us. This Full Moon is going to affect us all very differently, so we will not know what to expect. It will be nice to have the everyday things out of the way.


Wakeful Transmutation

After the dust settles from the Fourth of July/Malia Obama’s birthday celebrations, we shed the karmic bonds once put in place by old energetic ties. The figure on the card is in the process of a beautiful transformation, and we are transforming as well. Jupiter is pushing these changes forward and, ultimately, pointing to the fortune within us. Our pockets will burst if we’re able to understand that all things are transitory, and we’re always changing. We shape and mold to our current situation, but there is no real end goal, except for fulfilling your soul. So, if we can all understand that we’re going through a new process, and welcome that process into our lives, we will hit gold!


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