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Happy Mabon, Strength

Again, I’ve pulled three cards for you to choose from. I’ve also pulled a general ‘card of the day.’ After you choose your card, you’ll scroll down to find it’s meaning and how this card interacts with the general astrology and ‘card of the day.’ As the week continues, you’ll begin to see an overall pattern. You may even want to write down the individual cards you’ve chosen and do your own analysis at the end of the cycle. I’ll be keeping this format up until Pluto goes Direct, 9/28/17.

Look at the cards in the above picture, deeply. Believe that one of these cards was specifically drawn for you and you alone. Which card is it? Make your choice with purpose and not at random. Now, we flip over the cards to see which one you’ve picked.





All three cards for the Autumnal Equinox are, coincidently, from the Major Arcana. The card on the left with Carnelian is Strength, The Animal Instinct. The card in the middle with the Chrysoprase is the High Priestess, Guardian of the Shadow Dreams. The card on the right wit the Amethyst is the Empress, the Fertile Goddess.





Strength is both the card of the day and one of the options It’s a little confusing, but read below if that was the card you chose and I will explain.


Today being the Autumnal Equinox, it’s a day of balance. It’s the only day where dark and light are in total balance. Today marks the transition between poles and tends to always sweep in great changes. In order for these changes to occur, we must do the work on our end to contribute and participate in energetic flow. For this to happen, you have to access the inner depths of self. This card wants you to address any loose ends that are holding you back from bliss. It’s of utmost importance. Your personal identity needs to be in alignment to move forward.






The Autumnal Equinox brings the balance of light and dark. Our inner personality shines forth and we’re able to see ourselves as we truly are, and Strength is here to make sure we do just that. When we add the High Priestess into the mix, we are reminded to love ourselves, and others, as we are. Bring some parts of the shadow into the light. Redefine the term professional, revaluate the societal pressures of gender, challenge the idea of unacceptable. It is important to let ourselves and others shine. The only restrictions necessary are put in place to protect one another’s safety, all of the rest oppress us. Be a voice for acceptance. Defend others. Now is not just the time to live in 100% self acceptance, but to accept our neighbors because we have to all be on the same team to grow.






The Autumnal Equinox is here. The blessed day of total balance. For you this is a day of reckoning. This is the day that starts a domino effect that will dictate many purposeful actions through December. Today you decide whether or not you progress or regress. Make the choice. Complete a task you’ve been putting off or take a break. It’s up to you how you want the rest of Fall to play out for you. You have two Major Arcana cards, Strength and The Empress, pushing you to choose action. They hope for you to let go any inner turmoil that was leading to the procrastination and step up.


Choose your own adventure; Thursday, 5 of Pentacles

This week’s cards are going to be a little more personal for the reader. I’ve pulled three cards for you to choose from. I’ve also pulled a general ‘card of the day.’ After you choose your card, you’ll scroll down to find it’s meaning and how this card interacts with the general astrology and card of the day. As the week continues, you’ll begin to see an overall pattern. You may even want to write down the individual cards you’ve chosen and do your own analysis at the end of the cycle. I’ll be keeping this format up until Pluto goes Direct, 9/28/17.

Look at the cards in the above picture, deeply. Believe that one of these cards was specifically drawn for you and you alone. Which card is it? Make your choice with purpose and not at random. Now, we flip over the cards to see which one you’ve picked.





The card on the left with the Carnelian is the Four of Wands, Coming Full Circle. The card in the center with the Milky Quartz is Three of Pentacles, Dutiful Elegance. The card on the right with the Citrine is Strength, The Animal Instinct.






As our Moon waxes and grows our energy intensifies. These energetics have propelled you into a major life shift. You need a new zeal and zest right now. It will be tempting for you to distract yourself, keep to yourself, procrastinate, and make excuses, but try your best to maintain focus. New relationships, homes, and jobs are abound right now. It’s in the air to achieve the things you’ve always idolized. Grab an extra coffee or turn the music up a little louder. Charge forward! Carrying a Carnelian will kick start your root chakra and help access the fires of Sekhmet.






The cards want you to focus on work. It might feel like you’re not even sure if you’re doing the right work,and you might feel like you want some change in that area, but stick it out for now. See how you feel once Pluto goes direct and the moon is full. It’s easy to get caught up in those patterns of thinking, but you’re actually supposed to invest a little extra energy in your work right now. Think about accomplishing old objectives or past dream ideas. You’re being given a high vibration to work with at this time, and if you push yourself a little,  you’ll find new love and passion for your work.






This card has come up for you because right now you’re being gifted an extra boost from our waxing Moon to really become the person you’ve been in your dreams. Your conscious dreams, not the naked ones in high school haha. Do you ever just stare at people you see because you wished you looked as cool as them? Now is the time to be the person that catches your eye. This isn’t just aesthetic either, this card wants you to unleash any carnal desires that are being pushed aside. Find a way to let your inner self out. The 5 of Pentacles is our self-doubt right now. So know, that every time you’re about to be your true self and you refrain, you’re letting a simple card have dominion over your free will. Use the Strength and the astrology to boost you through any self doubt.


Crossing the bridge under moonlight and swimming in the stream

Spirit worlds and alternate dimensions rejoice as Venus conjuncts the North Node. A weight has come out from underneath the veil, and center chakras (Sacral-Heart) are feeling more open. From now until Monday, be vulnerable and take chances on others.

The Knight of Wands charges forth on Mercury-driven Wednesday, a day of heightened communication and knowledge. Today starts the change/major shift on our path. For some, this shift started at the beginning of the month, but for the rest, we’ve come to a bridge. Some people have crossed it, and have been looking back ever since hoping it was a good idea, and some others are just hanging out underneath it swimming in the water. For the people just arriving at this bridge, today marks a turning point. The Knight of Wands, Wild Fire, illuminates our lower chakras and helps us channel our life force. Whatever is happening right now, whether it be in front of you or behind the scenes, has an unstoppable momentum. That means, the people that crossed the bridge are set off on the next chapter, the people swimming under it are bathing in time waiting to receive news, and the people who just reached the bridge are going to receive unsurmountable clarity and direction. Let’s get swept up in the winds of change and ask questions later.

The 5 of Pentacles shows up on Thursday, the day ruled by Jupiter, a planet of growth and gifts. This card shows up when we have lost our direction and begin to feel isolated. Interesting follow up to the Knight giving us so much direction on Wednesday! What’s happening is that the road we’re following isn’t designed by our past. It feels foreign to us and at times can leave us wondering if we’re making the right decisions at all. Stay the course. For those handed opportunities today that seem to come out of nowhere, take them. These random portals in a sea of desert are priceless. Look back on the inner depth and confidence you achieved last week, you’ll need it for tomorrow and Monday.

The Moon shows up on Friday to offer us some new insight. Sometimes this card can be looked at as an intense journey in shadow self, and that’s not totally wrong, but because of the cards it’s teamed up with this week, the shadow is actually here to offer up a new perspective. Think of your favorite place. Now, think of what it looks like in the dark. The Moon casts different shadows then the Sun and illuminates new alleys and crevices. Sometimes this makes us afraid because it exposes areas we didn’t think to look of before, but if we don’t look at them as a potential threat, then, what is there to be afraid of? You may have never noticed that alley in the daytime, and you could think of it as a place where a threatening person could be lurking, or you could stay open and realize that it’s a short cut and saves you 10 minutes on your commute. Friday is the day ruled by Venus, and when that energetic infuses with the Moon, we know we must rid our lives of fear. We must look for deeper meanings and understand. Muster up the extra energy to stay strong today, you will be happy that you did.

                                                                                                                                                Saturn-day is finally here, and, for you weekend warriors it can feel like a gift. Luckily for everyone, a day that the 9 of Cups shows up is a gift for everyone. Today is a little extra boost for manifesting your dreams. You’re in strong standing too. After Friday’s Moon card, you can now see that the words with which you use to manifest your desires need to take new shapes as well. Since Saturn is the planet of such harsh lessons, take a moment to reflect on a situation you didn’t handle as well as you could. What could you have changed within your behavior to have made that go well? Maybe it’s time to re-focus and manifest those better behaviors. No need to wait for the New Moon to expose those truths within ourselves.

Sunday, the Universe steps in and tells us to take a break. We have some major energetic shifts coming our way over the next two weeks, so today we climb on a floatation device and let the river of life take us down stream.


The teacher, leader, lover, and guide Sept 7-10

Today, we see the beginning of a five day stretch of Major Arcana cards. Thursday, the day ruled by Jupiter, the day of our growth and gifts of manifestation, is ushered forward to us by the Hierophant.

We are to learn from these sacred masters today. We are to learn the ways of spirit and body to become wise teachers ourselves. This card shows up to always remind us to teach someone in our likeness. Whatever you regularly work on, share that information with someone. Doing that won’t make for someone copying you, it will make for someone processing what you do through their filter, and it will generate more answers. We need as many perspectives as possible while searching for the truth and light. I want to also mention, this card shows up the day after the Full Moon and the day before The World. Yesterday, with our Full Moon in Pisces//Aquarius, we heightened our emotions and personal drive to keep meaningful relationships. The beginning of our week showed nothing but Cups and Pentacles, simply letting us know that the people in our lives right now will be there longer then we know, and we have a lot to learn from each other. Adding all of that together with the solar flare that occurred yesterday, I would begin to take some quiet time and process the beginning of the week. The flare is sending us inspiration, and we’ll need some time to download. We’ll need some silence. Meditate on the ways you’re a leader/teacher/inspiration to others. How can you share these talents moving forward? How can you engage in the global trauma in a meaningful way? What do you have to bring to the table for hurricane/fire/laws against humanity? Do you have time? Money? Connections? How can you help people in your community right now?

The World and the Hierophant ask us to think large scale. They want us to think as if humanity is one giant team and we’re all in this life together. What are the gifts that we been afforded to share with others? Now is the time to rise up as the leader of your field. If you have been reading the blog, you know we’ve been preparing for this. We’ve practiced staying humble. We know there isn’t one right answer. We know there isn’t one perfect teacher. Let your gifts rise up from the center of your body and into the energetic realm around you. If you’re unsure what you contribute, take that time in silence. Listen for the inspiration from the solar flare yesterday. Listen to September, the month of the Unsealed Letter, revelations. Listen to the growth Jupiter wants to instill, if it’s Friday, listen to the Love and Beauty that Venus is passing forth to you. Nothing is coincidence right now. Make the most of every moment. Don’t let anything slip you by.

If, by Saturday, you still haven’t had any major epiphanies, it’s probably because your job is intense and important, and the need for Strength is greater than you know, maybe even greater than you think you’re capable of achieving.

As the Sun trines Pluto retrograde today, we are asked to look at our subconscious deepest desires. This card is representing two situations for us right now, one being a check in with ourselves. We’re being asked to check inside of ourselves and make sure what we’re doing/how we’re living is what WE want, not a want fabricated by someone else. Did you actually WANT to be a mother? Was that a dream you had as a child? Did you desire the ideas of bringing a human into this life, watching and caring for them, and then letting them go to be who they are destined to be? Or, were you taught that that was supposed to be the next step in your life? Were you not offered other opportunities or choices? It’s ok to be a mom and not want to be. It doesn’t mean you don’t love your kid(s), and it doesn’t mean you should stop. What it means is, figuring out what you would have done instead and doing that thing alongside being a mom. You will inspire your child(ren) to do the same. You don’t have to put your life on hold for your child. Being authentically yourself while being a parent is a gift to your child. Maybe that’s not your scenario at all, but I bet some of us are married to someone we don’t love because we thought marriage was the next step, or we’re focused on a job we hate because it makes us the most money. You can keep the job if it allows you to also pursue your dreams, but you can’t stay with someone just because you think you should. The time is now to make these changes. The second reason the Strength card has shown up is actual strength. We’re living in catastrophic times. We’re living in times of great change. Our planet is pissed off at us. Earth was here before humans, and if you think we kill it before it kills us, you have another thing coming. It is time to make some positive life choices, and teach others to do the same. It’s not going to be easy, but that’s why we’re being given a boost of Universal Strength. We’re also being given The World one more time for Sunday!

Every revelation you have from Thursday-Sunday needs to be shared. I don’t mean on Facebook either. I mean with people you can impact regularly. Does your house need to start composting? Can you buy one jar of large yogurt instead of individuals? Can we use glass containers instead of plastic? (Glass isn’t environmentally awesome to make, but you can have the containers longer because they won’t break down over time and cause cancer, etc) Can you carpool? Can you inspire your co-workers to get on a healthy walking/running routine that gives them more energy to take on the world? How can you inspire others? We are asked to look deep and offer our wisdom. We must remain careful when passing on our wisdom. It isn’t up to us to force others to change, you can only give them the tools, and we don’t need to judge others if they choose to live differently. We can just be that beacon of love, light, and inspiration and hope they follow. What works for you won’t work for everyone. Again, there are many teachers.

Now isn’t the time to keep anything to yourself. Share your growth, share your love, and share your insight.

Full Radiance Sept 5-6

After making it through the intense energetics of Labor Day, we get to rest and take a break. Mercury sits direct today, and we’re feeling the veil over our throat chakra lift a little. Clarity is being restored over the next few days, and it’s our time to soak it up. The mental transparency that Mercury stationing direct gives us puts us in the perfect space for manifesting on the up-coming Full Moon. Because of the intensity and position of September, this is our last ditch effort to put out into the air what we want for the beginning of 2018. We will see our harvest readying itself in October, and many of us will feel elated as everything comes to us at once. So, take today and tomorrow to celebrate and get intentions ready for Wednesday.

The mental clarity given to us by the 6 of Pentacles yesterday, sets us up to receive and process information in a new way. We are being given the opportunity to look from a new perspective. Listen to your peers and try to see a new point of view today. This will help strengthen your perspective of self as well as the future, which is what we’ll be focusing on during our intentions and manifestations for the Full Moon tonight. Today would be the perfect day to tweak your ongoing spells and manifestations, making sure they encompass empathy, gratitude, and your contribution to the whole. If your focus is to be open and loving, set goals for exactly how you’re going to achieve these emotions. Be involved in the steps you’re taking toward your achievements.


September 1st-4th, Me Time

September is the month of sprouting growth. We planted seeds all August, and this month, we’re going to see the beginnings of major developments taking place. There’s a TON of divine intervention, so, if we’re doing our part, the Universe is repaying us in a big way.

The card that kicks off the pace of the month is the Two of Wands, the “Master of Fates.” Lightning strikes all around us while we continue our progression onto bigger and better things. We are feeling the unsettling astral energies. We are feeling hostility brewing around us. We know that this day is kickstarting our month, so remaining balanced is going to be a major life key today. We hold the power in our hands to not contribute to the fire, but with that being said, it’s not necessarily up to us to put it out either. Let hostility stir and prepare yourself for Mars to continue to brew up this energetic here and there all month long. Tomorrow Mars makes some changes, and if we keep up our elevation, we’ll see ourselves making changes as well.

Taking the high road at the beginning of this month pays off handsomely. We achieve an ability to work through anything. We begin to learn what it takes to be our best selves, even in hard times. We begin to learn what we need from others and our environment to make success viable for us, even when Mars is rampaging through the cosmos. Temperance combines with the Two of Wands to shoot our first full week of September into a growing lesson for us. Pay attention to your needs right now. Know that you have to. Know that everyone is feeling these growing pains, and in order to reap the biggest harvest in October, it’s imperative that you look after yourself this month. Learn how to navigate these muddy waters. When you combine every color of the rainbow, you get a muddy mess, which is why our alignment feels so off. Focus in on your individual energy centers, light some candles in your house, invoke and invite peace. The next two days play together with these first two days as well, so the 8 of Pentacles will influence your Sunday and the way you invite peace into your house.

The 8 of Pentacles wants us to be easy on ourselves. We all have different stages of growth. Be tender with yourself, all month long. Don’t compare your journey to anyone else. There is no specific timeline for the way your life is supposed to happen. All you can do is your best. For some of us, that happens really late in life, and for some others, it might happen early. One isn’t better than the other. Your journey is why you are you. Let yourself crystallize, let yourself grow in the way you need to grow. Hear other people’s advice with a grain of salt. Know that their experiences are not your own. When taking this information into consideration when it comes to inviting peace into your house, do what fulfills you the most. That might look like taking a nap every day for some people, and for others like me, it might be sleeping with crystals, listening to music, and lighting candles. Take the time to learn what makes you feel the best, and exert the extra energy it takes to make those steps happen. Incubate and grow right now.

All of this prep, this intense focus on yourself, has been prepping you for this week and the last two weeks of the month. This week starts with our Cups getting knocked over. There will be a chaotic feel to today, but you know how to cope. Take extra time listening to others today. Just listen. Your loved ones need to talk today, and they aren’t looking for a specific answer. They just want you to listen. That means, hear them. Don’t just wait for your turn to talk. If you find yourself coming up with a response to part of what they have been saying, keep it. Hold it in. Don’t offer solutions today, just love. You’ll receive love in return.


Energetic Static–revisiting the beginning of August–

August set into motion a series of events that will change our lives forever, and change the vibratory patterns on our planet.

It all kicked off on Saturday, August 5th. The energetics from our first eclipse and Full Moon were rampant. We were rolling along feeling everything and nothing all at once. The card of that day was the Wheel of Fortune, reminding us that change is the only constant. While we sat on this ever changing disk, we were rotating with it, and around we went. There were times when we’re at the top, and other times we were at the bottom. What determines the next step on our path is how we deal with both situations. What did you make of the situations handed to you? Following this Major Arcana card was the Sun. Pulling The Sun on a Sunday always feels like magic, and this was no different. Immediately following the SUNday was the eclipse//Full Moon, in which The Fool was pulled. These three cards from the Major Arcana have dictated the rest of our year. Look back on 8/5-8/7 and try to remember your mental clarity that day. What sort of decisions were made and what things were said? You’ll be able to entertain the ideals for your next few months with recounting those days,

Coming from a soil thats heavily saturated in cosmic masculine energy, we now cross over into a state of purity. From here, we make educated choices on the direction our feet take. The Fool sets us up for renewal, a complete rebirth. We know what harsh ideals, rigid timelines, and constant judgement do to our society. It’s time to cultivate a nourishing environment that encourages everyone to show up in their highest self and live their dreams. More philosophy studies, more art, more music, more meditation, and love are necessary for us to vibrate higher and have access to universal secrets. It’s time to strengthen the cosmic feminine energies and nurture our souls.

After our Lunar Eclipse//Full Moon spectacle, three cards came surging forward with a very clear message. Develop. Be who you dream of being. Be who you admire. You have the strength and courage, just access it and find it. A boldness is being called on, as in, it’s imperative to know where you stand on issues and be loud in your resolve. Silence has paved the way for hate to win because hate is always proud. If you love everyone, you have to show with actions, say how much they matter with your voice, and be relentless in the pursuit of love. Silence has given hate space to live and grow. The combination of the Three of Wands, Judgement, and Queen of Wands is growing our minds and souls for a call to action. With the purity of the Fool and the relentless power of the Judgement card, it’s clear that an open mind//heart mixed with determination for equality are the answers we seek.

Mercury Retrograde began August 12. This began a new energetic format. So, from our rebirth into bold behaviors, we begin to open our third eye. Mercury Retro is the perfect time to find solace in alternate dimensions. For the first three days of the Retrograde, we see The Lovers, the Page of Wands, and the Tower. More dynamic Major Arcana coming forward, and you will see that this is the trend for August. This month is simply not a time to sit idly by and watch the world rotate around you. Be as dynamic as the energy has been this month. Many of us feel confused, and that’s natural. There are a lot of intense energetics being thrown around. Go with the flow, and take opportunities. If the normal you wouldn’t text someone first, switch that behavior and do it. If the normal you would wait to tell someone how you feel, then wait no longer. Don’t let others take credit for your projects. Speak up, get the recognition you deserve. This is the time for massive change. Mercury Retrograde ushers in feelings of companionship, new goals, and catastrophic glory. The Universe is beginning to pull people together that benefit from knowing one another. They are the essential dichotemous wolves. One is dark and one is light, by their powers combine they form a force that continues the display of love and gratitude. They lift each other up, making each other a stronger, more powerful force of love and acceptance. Try not to let your current social circle cut out anyone new entering your life. The new people are important right now. We need these new people to help us become the Brave Pioneer, especially when it comes to our hobbies driven by the soul and social justice. The last card in this trifecta is The Tower. This is a card that most dread when it shows up in a reading. It just means extreme change. It usually signifies the ending of a major relationship, job, or that you’re moving. It also brings up ideas of charging into the flames around you to take a stand and save lives. It calls upon our heroes and asks us to become part of that team. So, in regard to several ideas already at play, this card continues to ask us to make space for voices going unheard, back up their voices with ours, and jump into the flames around our friends and loved ones and help. This card is also here to prepare us for the upcoming Solar Eclipse that will be severing ties toward people, moments, and ideas that no longer serve us.

As we creep through Mercury Retrograde, Saturn Retrograde, Lunar Eclipse, and toward a Solar Eclipse, we see more energetic patterns at work.

The Tower left some folks battling with the darkness and light within them. This is ok, it’s a subject we should all be checking in with on the regular. It’s not enough to just accept our darkness. It’s not the answer to try to turn it into light either. It’s how we maneuver within our darkness while being open//loving//accepting of others success and struggles that dictates the totality of our being. It’s not enough to just say, “this is who I am and people have to accept it.” We are accountable for everything we say and do, and whether that comes back immediately or karmically, our actions dictate our future. The darkness we cultivate has to come to an effective form within us that contributes to our lives, not taking away from others. The Hermit and the Sun team up to give us the strength to deal with these heady ideas and heavy notions. Taking time to ourselves is always important. It can be hard because it feels lonely, and for some, feels like the opposite of success. We need it though. We need time in silence to hear our minds. It heals our minds in time. We ground our souls within these tender moments, and here, we can find real truth and acceptance.

The final days before the Solar Eclipse always bring a combination of massive excitement and confusion. The tarot has shown us a couple of court cards that will lead us toward an overall readiness.

Here we see extremes in sacred masculine and feminine, bringing together the divine balancing act of our copper chording running through us to the center of the Earth. Our sex drive is at the forefront of this weekend pre-Eclipse, along with the ideas of reinvention. Much like the last Eclipse, we feel a twinge of rebirth. The Solar Eclipse isn’t as gentle in it’s approach as the Lunar Eclipse was, so any lasting threads of disillusionment running through your life will be severed. Truth seekers unite and celebrate as the veils are lifted on Earth. Our eyes are open and there’s no going back. Move forward through the rest of August, knowing your thoughts and actions have the power to give you everything you’ve ever wanted.

The Hero’s Leap

Today we are blessed with a Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse. We’ve been feeling the energetics from these formations for days now, and I’m sure some of you feel great change coming your way. This Eclipse is bring sudden bursts of change, unrelenting change. If you’ve been holding onto people and situations because it’s too hard to let go, well, the Universe is stepping in. These changes will ripple through the lives of others and stir energy up for the next couple of weeks. You DO want this to happen. You WILL be better once the dust settles. It’s time to really access who you are and who motivates and appreciates your gifts.

There are no words that will have you understand the importance of these shifts, but The Fool has come forward to let you know the rebirth has begun. We are starting brand new, and we’re leaving our past behind us. Vulnerability and trust reign supreme for this Eclipse.


Light Consciousness

Beaming rays of light piercing through any clouds hanging overhead, The Sun ushers in an awakening. This is the time when people start to open their eyes to how the darkness actually serves them. Today will be the last day to love and appreciate the past, so thank the Universe for lessons and experiences. Tomorrow will be the start of a new era.


Changing Constant

This is the first of many visits from the Major Arcana. These next few weeks are dictating the pulse for the rest of 2017, and opening up new opportunities. Give way for the Universe to tap into destiny this week. Try to not plan a rigid schedule. Go with the flow and see where the Wheel of Fortune takes you. Even when situations arise that are challenging, know that wisdom is growing within.


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