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Reflective Love

As mentioned yesterday, the common thread of our New Moon is water. When our eyes meet the surface, a reflection is brought to our attention. At times, it’s blurry, otherwise distorted, but then there are times it reinforces the idea of shadow. The water can reflect our questions and insecurities, our hopes and desires, and our displeasure with the reflection. The tides move in and out with the moon, as does our temperament and likeness. Saturday, ruled by Saturn, keeper of structure and closure, always whispers in our ear truths we may sometimes suppress. Own these ideas. Now isn’t the time for pushing aside what needs to be brought up, out, and finished. This is the time of new beginnings. Restart the energetic movement within by addressing old habits.

Today Venus transits Cancer, a perfect time for addressing one’s emotional baggage. Letting the vulnerability happen strengthens us for the greatness we’re manifesting.


Luxurious Love

Building a bridge between Vedic Astrology and Western Astrology is tricky. It feels like cherry picking the parts that suit us at times, but that is where the tarot comes in. As the New Moon seeps into Gemini and the nakshatra Ardra, it also, according to Western Astrology, sits in Cancer. The common thread between these identities is water. The symbol for Ardra is a tear drop, and Cancer is a water sign. During these times fear looks us in the mirror. Release those fears into the nearest body of water tonight. On the Four of Cups green life emerges upon the banks of the Nile and the desert of Egypt. It is the most natural, harmonious process on this planet: life finding a way to thrive. This natural process comes with a sense of tenderness- green plants loving the water, photosynthesizing, worshipping the sun.

As humans, it is natural for us to undergo these processes of warmth under the sun, shedding old cells and behaviors, and bursting forth with life. It is important that we embrace our dreams, and let go of the idea that we may fail. We have no other choice. So, on this New Moon, warm your insides with love for yourself, and embrace your talents.


Selfless Ruler

Now that summer is officially here, and our days are getting shorter, it’s a good time to think about making the most of the sunlight. The Sun rules the Emperor, a card from the Major Arcana that gives us strength, drive, and a fierce energy. The Emperor is also the 4th card of the Major Arcana, and 4 has been a common theme for us over the past couple of weeks. If you remember the last time I pulled several fours, I talked about stability. The number four is sturdy and immovable. It’s important to remember to cherish and feel grateful for the stable environment, but to also keep the energy flowing. Keep taking chances and making bold decisions that your heart wants you to make. The Emperor holds the yang qualities of power and grace close to their heart. They have inherent talents and abilities to lead and be a pioneer, and Mercury is in a position to push these characteristics to their full potential. The Emperor also knows that sometimes you must make certain sacrifices to benefit the whole. There is a lot going on in the political realm where no one is making any sacrifices for the greater good, and this needs to change. How can we be better leaders? Think about decisions that lead by example. Think about how you can contribute to the better for humans as a species. Act accordingly.


Pesky Influences

Today, Retrograde Saturn returns to Scorpio. No wonder we’re having some pesky influences, amiright? haha! For those unfamiliar with the tricky nature of Saturn or Scorpio, let me fill you in. Saturn is the grand lesson-teacher. We go through hard times to come out stronger, smarter, and wiser, but before all of the growth can take place, we have to have the difficulties. Without getting into too much astrology and science, Saturn will be crossing a major gandanta three times in 2017. We have already felt it once this year, and we’re feeling it again today. Gandanta’s are interesting because the lesson you learn is so significant, that you actually graduate onto the next plateau of your life. So, within hardship comes growth. The four month period of time from June 21-October 25 will insight old energetics from the last time Saturn was in transit with Scorpio, Nov 2014-Jan 2017. Saturn is the lord of karmic debts, which has been a theme for us this week, building up to this point, where the 7 of Swords has come to speak up.

The central eye of the awakened self is distracted by pesky, negative thoughts, represented by six sleepy eyes. Perhaps we feel like imposters? Perhaps we are feeling we don’t deserve our successes? The whole point of the Saturn discussion was to awaken our senses and to let us know that we do deserve success. We have come a long way, and even though we still have a long way to go, we do deserve the good we receive. This card is asking us to credit ourselves for our achievements, and reduce our negative thinking.


The Elemental Alchemist

We are hyper-focused on ourselves right now. This is due to much self-improvement and the need for us, as a whole, to raise our vibration. We need to all be in a place where we are feeling well enough to keep our light bright and help others with theirs. The Magician has shown up today for lots of reasons. One of them being the mastery of ourselves that we’re working on, but another major element to showcase our power. As we look at the card, we see a woman standing on top of a pyramid, which represents the element of Earth. Before her is a vast ocean- Water and a clear sky, Air. Striking down from the heavens are two lightening bolts- the element of Fire. The Magus possesses all of the elements at their fingertips, and through this access, there is tremendous power. This power may overcome all obstacles, but it may also overstep boundaries. Be careful and intentional with your magick, and use it wisely.


The Objective Dissector

Today we turn our eyes inward and check in on our karmic debts. It’s not in everyone’s wheelhouse to be connected to past lives or family history, but it’s our job to make progressive decisions that are, not only inclusive to everyone, but inclusive to our environment. We hear from the Major Arcana today, the suit rooted in destiny and deep soul-bending change. The Judgement card is here ringing in our ear and tapping into our higher consciousness. Now is a time of epiphanies and direct insight into oneself. In order to grow, we must be open to constructive criticism. If you react defensively to a facebook post or to someone’s comment in real life, it’s important to get to the root of why. If it’s a guilty conscious, you must begin acting accordingly to release yourself from this guilt. When we hold onto ideas of ourselves too tightly we lose objectivity. This card asks us to find the higher perspective in all things, perhaps in part through the perspective of others.


Brave Pioneer

Today Mercury continues it’s hyper-speed attempt to catch up to the Sun, and it enters it’s own sign, joining Mars in Gemini. Mercury has reached over two times it’s normal speed! What does this mean, you might be asking. Normally, it would add a state of grounding to the rest of the firey astrology, but because so many planets are in duel signs right now, it means that things will move quickly in June. That’s where the Page of Wands comes in.

We see a man standing at the edge of a dark, vast wilderness. What lies ahead is shrouded in shadow. It’s easy to be overcome with fear when so much newness falls on our shoulders, but we won’t even have time to think about it. Jump at every chance you’re given for the rest of June. You will be rewarded come September.


Full Radiance

Later today, Mercury makes the fast transition into Gemini, where it will sit until July 2nd. This will help ground us and get our heads out of the clouds for a little while. The 10 of Cups isn’t focused on this procedure. This card wants us to revel in love. We look at the card and see a pregnant woman with a celestial body. She’s smiling gently before a radiant, shimmering body of water. A slower motif accentuates the delicate, blooming nature of Mars in Pisces. (Tomorrow our Mercury meets up with Mars, in fact). Beauty and deep emotion arise from the depths and are carried to term with loving kindness. Our karmic shifts into empathy and kindness are showing, and we will find true harmony with ourselves if we keep it up. We will radiate outwardly and create fulfillment in all things we touch.



Yesterday’s card repeats itself today. Pay close attention to synchronicities surrounding your old self. We’re all being given site into what we need to change in order to get closer to our higher selves. Are you seeing an old address number on the clock? Maybe you’re having a food craving that reminds you of a specific moment in your life. Now is a time for deep reflection into our shadows. Reading yesterday’s post is a good idea because it applies to today as well.


Dynamic Rhythms

Our Knight of Swords rushes in on their swift steed, just as fast as Mercury is moving through Taurus. They are matching the energetic waves of the waning moon and showing us our behaviors through the actions of others. We are experiencing our karmic patterns in reverse. My mom always told me to treat others as you want to be treated, and this is exactly why. I am not sure if she knew she was preaching karmic balance to me, but this is the rule. So, right now we are experiencing the behaviors we exhibited to others. If you are receiving a lot of backlash or negativity, you should do some deep reflection. These behaviors are subtle, sometimes less so, reminders of how we exist here and what we need to work on. Lessons are coming through threefold, and we have just enough time to sort thought it all before the New Moon. Take conscious steps from this point forward and rise above to keep being uniquely you.

Keeping true to yourself is paramount in these times, but if you’re receiving harsh lessons, it’s time to integrate others’ uniqueness into your life. As existential as life can feel, humans do all exist as one, and the more we rise with our peers, the stronger we become as individuals. If you’re experiencing a lot of niceties, pay them forward. Absorb the energy and revel in the light, but also take the time to share the wealth.




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