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Season Four Starts Now!

Live updating from our filming of episode 19!

Today starts Season 4!!

Incase you were ever wondering what preproduction looks like for our Haunt Me episodes (I know you are all curious), the picture below will give you a good idea of what it takes to make this show tick.


So. Many. Cords.

This haunt is not small. We are spanning four floors and thousands of feet in an effort to capture every detail we can.

After laying out power cords (and taping them down so no one trips – sorry Charlie), the IR cameras get plugged in and set up .  It is usually an easy process and really adds to the evidence we capture, until one of them doesn’t stand up straight… and then you do this:


There is nothing you can’t do with a trashcan, an empty apple juice box, and tape.

Next up is the walk through.  We are fortunate where our location this evening is so beautiful, we can really get some gorgeous shots.  We even had a brief encounter when filming!
We were about to leave for lunch when the k2 meter lit up on the stairs, as if someone was walking by. We didn’t have our cameras on it, but seeing that really solidified the stories about this haunted location.

More live updates coming your way!

We are halfway through investigation! I have to admit, I’m pretty proud of the footage we’ve gotten; I’ve only walked into two objects. In all seriousness, we’ve had some interesting encounters this evening with a lot of k2 pops and some pretty direct word play from the ovilus.

Typically I don’t put a lot of stock in the words that appear out of this piece of equipment. But every time a question was asked an immediate response (whether it pertained to the question or not) occurred. Some of the responses were eerily related to stories of the haunts here. We are excited to share them with you!

Demon in a Box

You know when you are home alone, and you hear that strange noise, and you think “Oh God, my place is haunted.”  That was me, amidst watching  hundreds of various ghostly stories and television shows, jumping at every unknown noise.  Now that I have a few seasons of investigations under my belt, my first thoughts after an unidentifiable noise in the dark is: “Please don’t be some sort of animal.” Ghosts I can handle, bats, rats, and mice, not so much.

Outside normality

That isn’t to say all paranormal experiences are commonplace to me now, quite the opposite.  Each episode we film I learn more about what is out there (holy shit is there a lot out there, wait until I tell you about faeries), and all the things you may not have been aware of… until now.  For example, the dybbuk box.

(I would just like to note when I saved the above image I titled it TheBox – so of course going to upload the image I clicked ‘Open’ TheBox.  The irony is overwhelming and, you know, just a tiny bit terrifying.)

Featured in Season Three’s episode: Seven of Swords, this homely wooden crate caused quite a stir.  I would love to tell you I was at the filming of this episode, but there was a horrendous ice storm (cue: Let It Go).  After hearing the stories, and doing some research, perhaps not participating in first contact wasn’t so bad.

The Details

A Dybukk derives from a Yiddish word meaning “to adhere.”  A Dybbuk is the disconnected soul of the deceased, often found to be malicious and possessive.  There are theories which indicate a dybbuk is a person, not properly laid to rest, whose soul has corrupted to demonic levels. Most importantly, dybbuks cannot be contained.  After reading some of the accounts associated with the wine box that inspired the Hollywood film The Possession, this idea does not seem so far fetched.  Those who owned that particular box  box supposedly experienced some intense health issues and paranormal activity, even when the box was shut.  Perhaps the entity is more tethered than trapped..

What’s in the box?

So, what is inside this particular dybbuk box?   For anyone who doesn’t know, and feels compelled to be completely scared, this particular box is houses a pretty power entity, believed to be a fifth level demon.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I find it pretty hard to believe that something that powerful can be completely contained.  In our experiences, past and recent, this creature has reach, and if it can already contact people, and other entities around it, what else can it do?


I have avoided posting this blog due to the serious nature of this item.  The reality is the negative energy of this level is not something to be messed with.  All members of the Haunt ME team, crew and otherwise, have been in the presence of this box and have had adverse reactions.   Always, always, always, be cautious with Haunted objects.

For more insight into Haunted Objects, check out Dana and Greg’s website:


Page of Pentacles

A Little Piece of History

Parsonsfield Seminary is one of the oldest places we have ever visited – it is also run by some of the nicest people!

I was not prepared for how far away from civilization Parsonsfield Seminary feels (as a lifelong city dweller, anything I can’t drive to within 20 minutes is far.)  I had been driving for an hour through winding roads, with nothing but trees, getting lost in the scenery… quite literally lost.  I needed gas and my cell phone was dying.  Sounds like a horror film, right?  Let’s be honest, it was a slight failure at being an adult.  After finding myself in New Hampshire, which at this point felt like Canada, I made it to Parsonsfield Seminary in time to start the investigation.

A Little Too Quiet

Parsonsfield Seminary had a different feeling than some of our other haunts.  Thinking back to it, it always felt like something was waiting and watching, but never approaching. There were times the air felt heavy, especially in places like the costume room.  I remember following Katie and Ash down to the basement, which for the most part, was a pretty normal basement.  After some indications we weren’t alone, we paused so Katie and Ash could communicate with the presence.  During their conversation, Katie looked up and over my shoulder at an unknown figure standing behind me (for the record I swore like a sailor at this point).  The strangest part is: it was like some part of my mind was aware there was something next to me, but that is as far as I could understand it.   Nothing specific, just an awareness, like you would be if there was an object next to you, only in this case, there was nothing but space.  It was really awesome to have Katie and Ash confirm the experience.  Trust your gut, and your team.

Parsonsfield, A History

One of the best parts of exploring haunted places is the history behind them.  Parsonsfield has many years behind it, and many lives within it.  It has burned down, been built up, and helped transfer lives to freedom as part of the Underground railroad.  The town of Parsonsfield dates back to when the English first began to settle here.   I was curious about Katie and Carol’s interaction with two male characters through the tarot cards, and who they might be.  Many names have been mentioned throughout my research, but two stuck out to me: Rev. John Buzzell, and Dr. Moses Sweat.  Both were founding members of Parsonsfield Seminary. Buzzell was a strong speaker and well known scholar.  With a strong focus on faith, and spreading the Word, could they still be at the seminary trying to teach a lesson to those who come through?


The Magician: Continued

Let’s talk about Season Three

We have encountered more than the Haunt Me team has ever experienced.  We have watched Ashley, Ty, Katie, and Carol all experience apparitions, voices, demons in boxes, but the investigations don’t stop there.   Adventure continues, even off the camera.  Check out our discoveries after the Haunt is over! Welcome to Haunt Me: After Dark.

The Magician: The Greater Rumford Community Center

The Greater Rumford Community Center is one of our most intense episodes in Season Three, however, everything you see on camera is only a portion of what we have experienced in this historic Maine location.  Over the course of Season 3 we have scouted, investigated, and returned to this historic building, each time gathering new and different evidence.  With new evidence means: more digging, and more connections to be discovered.

The Trampoline Room

In a brief investigation after The Magician aired, Ty came across a female presence in the the ‘trampoline room’.  Pictured below is that very room in 1911 (courtesy of Maine Historical Society – https://www.vintagemaineimages.com/artifact/78969/cart)  If you have seen the episode, this is connected to the first room we see the team enter.


Back when the GRCC was the Mechanics Institute, a place for the local men of the mills to learn and relax, there was a Ladies Auxiliary Association who also spent time there.  Could this woman be a part of this Institution?  Was she related to one of the men here?  While we couldn’t get any further information from the entity in the trampoline room, I needed to know more, specifically about the other entities the team encountered.  Who is the Bald Man Ashley found in the basement, or Jim Jim in the stairwell?

Who is Jim Jim?

Ash and Katie’s encounter on the stairwell with a white entity was a mystery.  Was this Jim Jim?  It took some digging, but eventually I came across this article from the Lewiston Evening Journal: https://news.google.com/newspapers?id=ofcoAAAAIBAJ&sjid=vGYFAAAAIBAJ&pg=2894%2C641623.  


Here, the Sun Journal talks about a young man, James Morse, who had a heart attack while in the gym (presumably the Mexico High Gym, where he coached, also featured in a Haunt ME episode) during basketball practice.  It turns out he was part of the Board of Directors at The Mechanics Institute in Rumford, or, as we refer to it: The GRCC. Is this the entity Ashley and Katie came in contact with on the stairs?  Is James the infamous apparition who does not like people walking around his gym?

Who, or what is the bald man?

I had a harder time finding information on the bald man.  There were a few men who ran The Mechanics institute, and had a significant lack of hair, but unfortunately I’m not sure that qualifies them.  Regardless, creepy does not begin to describe that basement.  We have all had some terrifying experiences there, crew and investigation team alike.  I am o.k. without putting a face to whatever resides down there.

Want to hear more about our adventures at the GRCC? Comment below!

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