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Haunted Objects

Ok. So. As many of you know by now, we filmed one of our Season 5 episodes with the Newkirks this past April. This also gave us a chance to spend some time with their Haunted objects. Now, I’ve had a few, distant interactions with their objects, the first one being during the Strange Escapes event at the Mount Washington where Ty pointed to Billy and said you should pick him up. Which, of course I did, cause: why not?  (Note: I knew NOTHING about what/who Billy is or what he was a part of.) I was quickly informed after picking him up I would likely have nightmares that evening from handling the idol. Great. Thanks Ty.

Fortunately, no nightmares! So as the Strange Escapes Weekend went on we ventured around, talked to some fellow paranormal adventurers and looked at (did not pick up) more haunted objects after talking with the Newkirks. All in all, a great weekend.

The photo was taken 7 months later – when Billy and I are friends. Can I say that?? We’re friends?

Fast forward. Here we are in one of the most active locations we have ever experienced in Maine (and one of my favorite spots to investigate) with a museum full of haunted objects. Of course I was going to pick them up and get a closer look. Occasionally I look back on this moment and think “Anna, wtf?” but, I honestly didn’t think anything would happen.

I had made a silly pair of pants for Simon which I gave to him (they were hilariously too big) and got a closer look at some of the objects. I remember Ty asking if any of them were speaking to me, and I was surprised that I didn’t feel drawn to pick any of them up. Well, except one object. Usually behind glass, the Corrupted Testament was calling out to me, and I figured now was my chance to take a look at it.

After I finished filming the investigators exploring the items (Ty literally sniffed the Corrupted Testament – There is also a photo of him licking a crystal ball) I put my camera down, and picked up the book.

Next time you are at the Travelling Museum of the Paranormal and Occult, take a close look at it. There are pencil markings all over it. The Cross even looks like it could have been scribbled on there. There are stains from where the preacher held it, and stains where it once sat on many foreheads.

The book is small, and it’s light, and I don’t remembering it smelling bad, or at all really. I do remember flipping through the pages and off handedly commenting to Erin, our other camera person standing next to me that I was feeling nauseous. Greg reiterated I wasn’t the only one who had experienced something similar. I sat down. My throat was tight, and my stomach felt off. I flipped through a few more pages then put the book down. Then it hit me: “F***, I am going to vomit”.

So, I really didn’t want to be that guy that throws up, never mind the one who throws up after handling a haunted object. So I exited as quietly as I could, and spent the next five minutes in the bathroom trying not to lose my breakfast. After, I felt like I had the worst hangover. My head was pounding and it was time for some Advil.

The whole thing sounds crazy. It was crazy. It is crazy? What an experience though. I highly recommend checking out the Museum of the Paranormal and Occult – not because getting knocked on your ass by a haunted object is fun, but because you can learn so much through interactions with these objects. While, yes, caution is always good, don’t let this post scare you away. Keep exploring the paranormal and unknown!

Practical Magic

If you haven’t joined the Museum of the Paranormal and Occult, do so! There is so much information and opportunity to learn about haunted objects and the paranormal. They also offer a monthly subscription box where you can learn about magic, its history, and different tools you can use.

Since becoming a Paranormal Investigator I have met more people and learned about many different belief systems, rituals, and Truths. Magic of the Month Club has given me a great opportunity to learn more about others! This subscription box has created a great community of people learning magic and finding power within themselves. We talk about our experiences, share books, expand our knowledge, and discover new tools and techniques to use in life and on investigations. So far this has been an eye opening experience, one I am very excited to share!

Keep reading for details on what magical goodies we got this month!

Manifestation and Abundance

This month’s theme is manifestation and abundance, which is all about working with the universe to achieve your dreams and goals. This particular topic is something I have heard people discuss, but haven’t practiced for myself, so I was/am excited to learn more.

The first thing you need to know about Magic of the Month club is: everything smells amazing. The box arrives at your door and you smell it before you see it. Opening up the box there are instructions, and all the ingredients you need to complete your spell. This month: Flourite crystal, Bloodstone, hand blended tea, incense, and a paper with a sigil written in dragon’s blood. For those of who you don’t know (like me) Dragons Blood is derived from a plant and used by many different practices. One of it’s intentions is to strengthen the power of spells – this is important as we work toward manifesting our dreams and goals!  These subscription boxes are hand created, and put together by Greg and Dana Newkirk. The dedication and detail put into each box is extraordinary.

Week 1

A four week process, we have several steps to complete this month’s box. The first step is to pick a spot that is special to you, and go there. This is where you will be practicing your magic for the month. Taking out the paper, you are supposed to write down what you would like to work with the universe to create. Fellow crew-member Johnny and myself went to our favorite spot and took turns writing what we wanted from the future. At the risk of sounding sappy, this was a powerful moment for both of us. To be able to sit down and truly envision what we want from our future was… magical!

Week 2 – Bubble, Bubble..

All week we held onto our paper with the sigil and remembered what a delightful morning we had and how many exciting things to look forward to in the future. Week two brought tea steeped for a half an hour and the smudged over our dreams and goals. We totally let our paper dry ungracefully on a grocery store advertisement. It was amusing.

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The Final Countdown

Week three brings a mojo back with a magical mix of herbs, and sea glass. The intention of this is to magnify our manifestations. The final week we burn hand-made incense and release our desires to the universe. Both the mojo bag (herbs and seaglass), and incense smell amazing, and brighten any room they sitting in! For many of these boxes we burn incense, so it was necessary to find something to dedicate purely to creating magic. Amazon has a plethora of options – I found a beautiful ceramic incense bowl to use for moments like this.

I will level with you guys – I haven’t been feeling well for the last couple of weeks. Taking the time to participate in this ritual really brought a difference in my outlook. This month’s box was a good opportunity for me to refocus my mind onto greater things! The last two weeks have been full of hope and happiness, and I find I have something exciting to focus on when I feel burdened by work, and everyday anxieties.

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Adventures at ParSem

Season 4 Episode 3. Crazy right? After the conclusion of this episode we knew we had to bring the Newkirks to experience the Parsonsfield Seminary in person. So in the spirit (pun intended) of Episode 3 and the need for adventure, we hopped in the car with the Newkirks, some haunted objects and our equipment and headed to rural Maine.

The Investigation Begins

It was dark and rainy, perfect ambiance for a paranormal investigation. When we arrived Jan greeted us and showed us where all the snacks were (she is the nicest lady you will ever meet), wished us luck and then departed. Our first stop was the attic in the school house.

As you’ve seen in this week’s episode, we had a lot of activity in the attics of these buildings. Yes, there are two attics, equally haunted and equally full of strange noises (more on that later.) We climbed the stairs to the attic filled with costumes. What may not be obvious from the episode is the attic is deceptively big, with a large empty room across the way, the bell tower to the right and additional closet space. We moved forward expecting to contact the Captain who Ty had spoken with during filming – we found something else.

What’s in the Attic

Katie and Dana were both drawn to the back of the attic. We explored a large empty room across from the staircase… For all the light streaming in through the windows in the attic, it was dark here. We asked a few questions to the spirits in the attic, but heard nothing. We left and headed toward the main room, the closet was to our left.

Katie and Dana stopped in front of a closet, slightly bigger than a crawlspace, concealed by racks of clothing.

“There’s a shadow standing in the doorway to the closet.”

No one felt comfortable. The shadowed figure stared at us as Katie tried to speak with it, asking who they were and who else might be here in the attic with us. It didn’t answer and retreated into the darkness of the closet. We decided to head over to Doe Hall in search of more communicative spirits.

Doe Hall

Traditionally, ParSem gets quiet after sundown, not tonight. We did a quick tour of the basement, which was still decorated from Halloween with cobwebs and bloody hand prints. Walking around our K2 meters flickered up to red and followed us as we walked through doorways and narrow hallways. It wasn’t until we returned to the first floor that they stopped. Before heading up to the second floor, we decided to sit for a minute and converse with Simon, one of the Newkirk’s newly acquired objects. Subscribe to their Patreon to learn more about Simon the Doll and many other objects! Knowing that Katie has seen children in this building, we thought bringing something youthful might provide a trigger for those still residing here.  As talkative as Simon was, so were the other spirits!  From the stairway to the right we could hear conversations going on without us! We had to go find out who they were.

The Second Floor

We went upstairs to the second floor. Several friends intrigued by the paranormal joined us as we continued our investigation upstairs.  We unexpectedly came in contact with two spirits; a young girl, and a very cranky person who was not pleased with the amount of noise we were making. You could hear the creak as it got up out of bed. Dana, Greg, Ty went down the hall to see if they could connect with whoever we woke up, I followed Katie and several others through a series of rooms until we settled on one in the corner where someone in our group had seen a young woman who was praying. She had been speaking with the spirit and sharing in prayer. Katie sat down and had a full conversation with the entity. The young woman expressed how lonely she was, and that she understood she could leave if she wanted to. To see two people conversing, one channeling an entity we could not see was absolutely fascinating, and something I personally haven’t seen at an investigation.

This is just the beginning. Stay tuned for more!

Admiral Perry’s Inn

Episode 1… Season Four Begins!

This investigation was MIND BOGGLING.  Our first investigation for the season took us by complete surprise.  (Note: It may seem like we film things out of order.  This is untrue.  We are time travelers that jump around the time stream when necessary.)

Anyway!  Episode One of Season 4 was full of unexpected surprises.  Going into this haunt, the team thought it would be an easy going evening, not uneventful, just not high on the pre-rate scale.  Then things picked up.


The time spent in the Panama room was every ghost hunter’s dream: Ask a question, get a response.  The irony is it almost never happens this way.  Sometimes you will get an answer every 4 questions or so, and even you mostly feel like you’re talking to the dark.  We have never had an EVP session so responsive.

The moment Ashley has a vision of someone falling down the stairs.

Much of the credit goes to Katie and the energy boost she gave the spirits, I think it really helped the team connect to the spirit in the room.

For me, the most enlightening part of the evening was watching Ashley as she explored the Panama room.  The moment her vision occurs, you can see her expression change completely.  It was heartbreaking really, and a catalyst for everything else which occurred that evening.  (You also see Carol pick up on everything as she goes right up to Ashley as soon as it happens.)  As an observer in the situation, it was interesting to see such a genuine connection occur.

Voices in the dark

Another moving part of this investigation was piecing together the EVPs.  In the moment it is so difficult to figure out what the spirits are saying, it takes multiple play throughs for us to determine the message, when we do though, it is the most incredible and terrifying experience.

The spirit box with noise cancelling headphones is a new technique we tried this season, which is, I think, the most effective way to listen to the radio waves and potential voices.  This allows us to control what is happening in a way.  Instead of hearing what we want to hear, we treat it like an EVP session with a voice activated recorder.  We have had much greater success this way.  The conversation happening between Ty and Ash across rooms was incredible.

What’s Next?

We hope you enjoyed the season opener!  Don’t miss the next episode of Haunt ME on Monday! Admiral Perry had a lot of paranormal activity, but our next location has even more! Greg and Dana Newkirk join us as we revisit an familiar location and a familiar object. The dybbuk  returns to Parsonsfield with us as we try to connect with the spirits during a daytime investigation.

We were so excited to return to this location in an effort to find more evidence than our first trip. Need a reminder? Watch the episode! Or, brush up on the details with our blog entry! The first time we investigated was interesting, but overall, pretty quiet. Everything escalates when we return during the day, connecting with entities more likely to be awake during school hours. Don’t miss this thrilling episode as we meet new entities and

Check it out Monday May 15th at 12pm!

Who you gonna call?

Every Haunt ME investigation is an opportunity to go on an adventure with your friends.  We honestly learn something new every time; whether its about the location, each other, or the ‘other side’.  Every investigation brings us another piece of the truth.  With every piece of evidence we get closer to an answer.  This process is very rewarding in that way.  That quest for knowledge continues when we investigate cases off camera.

Un-filmed haunts are usually client cases where people have reached out to Haunt ME for help.  These are often the most concerning, and require a different approach than the episodes themselves.  I spoke with Ty about how Haunt ME handles client cases versus our traditional episodes:

Client Cases Versus Filmed Episodes

“Client cases are much different from a filmed investigation. When filming, it’s always an adventure where we’re often the only ones in peril. We can push ourselves as far as we want, we can experiment, and the only ones who have to deal with the consequences are our team members (and sometimes the film crew.)

Having a client case means that someone has been pushed far enough from their own comfort that they are compelled to reach out for help.  Instead of exploring the limits of the paranormal, like we do with our show, when when we work with a client we work within those limits to try to help them find solace in their homes and power within themselves.”

Are the risks the same?

“With a client, it’s imperative to find every ounce of information you can before inserting yourself into the situation, because by adding your influence to their time of need, you can easily make it much worse if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Often times solutions to a problem can be found by a little bit of debunking, reassurance, and empowerment. When that doesn’t work, and only when all logical options have been exhausted, we suit up and head out into the fray. The end goal is to provide those in need with tools to better themselves, and their situation.”

Fear gets the best of all of us, how do you separate fear from imagination?

“Fear and imagination go hand in hand, one empowering the other, and often setting it on fire.  The best way, the only way, to do this is to interview your client in depth about what they’re experiencing and how they’re reacting to it. This way, you can come up with an accurate action plan for them to follow which will hopefully dissuade their fears and calm their imagination.

As we’ve discovered during our investigations, there is a lot out there.  What have you come across when working one on one with clients?

We’ve had clients reach out about feeling unsafe in their home, being scratched in their sleep, haunted objects they don’t know what to do with, possible possession cases, and your run of the mill unwanted hauntings.

How do you approach, whatever ‘it’ might be?

It’s best to approach the situation, and not the entity. Limiting it to being ‘one thing’, and not a combination of factors could blind you from the truth. Living in a haunted house AND being obliterated by EMF fields caused by simple bad wiring, while also experiencing ghostly noises caused by horrible plumbing, because the contractor didn’t want to dig through the the Indian Burial Ground next door to your home may sound crazy, but not out of the question. You have to be ready for anything, because in this field of the unknown, the answer COULD be anything. When we approach a haunting situation, whether on Haunt ME or via a client, we always have this in mind.

What causes unwanted activity?

Unfortunately, a lot of times we’ve found that activity can occur because it was invited to do so, either purposefully or by accident. The paranormal often circles around intent, and people are more powerful than they give themselves credit for. Luckily, this is a double edged sword, and the power people wield can dispel a haunting just as they can invoke one. Again, doing so just takes intent and a little focus. This is how we can often work with a client without ever having to make a home visit, they have the power! However, if there’s something that just simply overwhelms a client, there’s imminent danger, or a logical approach just isn’t cutting it, that’s where we come in! Haunt ME is on the case!

Ty brings up a very interesting point when it comes to the paranormal: people are more powerful than they give themselves credit for. I think there is a lot we don’t understand about the world, but it is hard to deny the influence we have. This can go two ways, we can drag all the negativity toward us, or where we are in control of our surroundings and what we attract, we can bring light into our own lives. This theory applies to the paranormal as well. We are in control of our domain, our thoughts, our homes, which means we can decide who and what we surround ourselves with.

Don’t forget to tune into Haunt ME Season 4 premiering May 1st!! We have an amazing season to share with you, and we cannot wait for you to see!

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