Our Third Quarter Moon is sextile Saturn and Uranus. This makes the actions of our Page of Pentacles go unnoticed. The Page wants us to open our gifts and live through our soul purpose. Stevie wants to see us feel successful and fulfilled. Actions are happening around you. Stay positive and hopeful.


Today we see our Moon conjunct Neptune and in opposition to Venus. Our 7 of Wands rushes in to meet the planets where they sit. Grow your manifestations. Today is a day to aim higher then usual and think big. That raise you were hoping for? Think of getting MORE. The house you want? Think nicer. Dream bigger today. It’s a good day to make new sigils or a honey pot. Consecrate them under the Leo Full Moon on the 11th.


August 1st. The first of any month can create feelings of renewal and excitement. Today is no different. With the Moon conjunct Chiron and square Saturn, the King of Pentacles will feel all too real. This spiritual doctor uses crystal energy to power himself (relatable). If you look at him you’ll notice he’s half organic and bionic. This denotes our relationships we carry from the man made world and the natural organic world. With our retrograde Mars square Uranus, we’ll feel the pull to incorporate more of the organic world into our lives. Today is a good day to bond with a new crystal, get a plant, or collect flowers on a hike. Bring something from nature into your life that you have to interact with regularly. Even something as simple as a watering a plant once a week helps keep the mind in tune and focused.


On this day ruled by Jupiter, we take in the heat of Mars square Uranus and the Moon trine Sun. The Leo skies are hot today! This brings tempers forward and impatience abound, but our King steps in for day 2 to remind us of big picture ideas. Not every situation needs to be won by your ego or satisfying for your pride. The Moon square Pluto might make this day a roller coaster of emotions for some, and the urge to just give up will be strong. Remember the King’s advice from yesterday. Bond with something from the natural world. Remind yourself that human problems are just that, and we’re not the prime need for life. Try not to let people bother you too much today.


Today is the star of the show this week. There’s BIG energy in the air. It’s a great day for spellwork and meditation. Today we see the Moon square the Black Moon Lilith and cracking open our subconscious. We celebrate duality with the Knight of Cups. The water Knight swoops in to push us into uncharted carnal territory. This is the hopes and dreams section of your tarot reading if you pull cards for yourself today. Alignments in healing happen easier today, as well as accidents. The Moon conjunct Uranus energy lends itself well to self care.


Today the Star steps in for some divine clarity. With the Mars sextile Chiron energy surrounding us, it’s a good day to access your week and find its lessons. Today is ripe for growth in wisdom and truth. Our 4th Quarter Moon opposes Jupiter, adding to our learning process and allowing us to transpire this reflection into our future.