Crossing the bridge under moonlight and swimming in the stream

Spirit worlds and alternate dimensions rejoice as Venus conjuncts the North Node. A weight has come out from underneath the veil, and center chakras (Sacral-Heart) are feeling more open. From now until Monday, be vulnerable and take chances on others. The Knight of Wands charges forth on Mercury-driven Wednesday, a [...]

By |Sun Sorceress Tarot|

The teacher, leader, lover, and guide Sept 7-10

Today, we see the beginning of a five day stretch of Major Arcana cards. Thursday, the day ruled by Jupiter, the day of our growth and gifts of manifestation, is ushered forward to us by the Hierophant. We are to learn from these sacred masters today. We are to learn [...]

By |Sun Sorceress Tarot|

Energetic Static–revisiting the beginning of August–

August set into motion a series of events that will change our lives forever, and change the vibratory patterns on our planet. It all kicked off on Saturday, August 5th. The energetics from our first eclipse and Full Moon were rampant. We were rolling alongĀ feeling everything and nothing all at [...]

By |Sun Sorceress Tarot|

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