The Moon Square Uranus and all hell breaks loose***

Think about one goal you have. What is the first thing that comes to mind? You will take a deep breath and breathe that goal into your lungs. While you do that, say, "This is my future." Now look at the three cards above and choose one that feels right. [...]

By |Sun Sorceress Tarot|

Super Jupiter meets the card of the day***

Today's tarot post requires some prep on your behalf. If you didn't pick a personal card on Monday, go do that now. The card of the day is interacting with your personal card this week. Tuesday morning, Jupiter shifted into Scorpio after a 13 month stint in Libra. Today's cards [...]

By |Sun Sorceress Tarot|

After the Full Mother Moon has come and gone***

Look at the cards above. Look at the stones//minerals that rest on top of them. Look at the feather, process what first comes to mind when you look at the feather. Choose a card. Know that tis card represents the energetics of the next 5 days for you. Know that [...]

By |Sun Sorceress Tarot|

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