You don’t have to be a never-nude to rock a daily cut-off. This week, Sunday’s Full Moon in Pisces activates our inner self. We’ll begin to value our true selves and feel less sad about cutting out the people who don’t share those values. We’re finally ready to let go of something we’ve been gripping too tightly to.


Mars moves direct today, and our lives shoot forward like a cannon ball after a fresh blast. In order to fully feel these adjustments, we need to adjust how we’re looking at our particular situation. The Sun trine Saturn and Uranus will highlight exactly how we’ve been slowing our own progress. Have you put too much weight on others? Have you been thinking people share the same goals as you? That’s all be shaken up right now, and the 7 of Swords comes forward to remind you not to focus on what other people are doing right now. Even if you were supposed to move forward in your goals together, do your thing. You can’t wait for other people’s process to catch up with yours, and you can’t chase someone down their own path. Get authentic in what YOU need right now to be your best self. Don’t worry about how many eyes are on you.


Today is the last day our Moon sits in Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac. This is a wild day for decision making. As Mercury sits square Jupiter in Scorpio, we look back on the ways our lives have changed since last October. We begin to take stock in what’s important to us and what’s important to our future. We’re still feeling Mercury’s quincunx with retrograde Neptune from yesterday, and some of our deep emotional disturbances sit within us, but they aren’t clouding our mind like they were when Mars was retrograde. We aren’t feeling as ruled or bogged down by our emotions anymore. On this day ruled by Mars, we tap into the action oriented nature of this planet and shine bright. Carrying a pyrite or carnelian would be a great idea today. The 7 of Swords stands tall in front of us, keeping us in check, and it reminds us not to get too wrapped up in other people right now. Don’t worry about who’s liking your photos or why they haven’t texted. This is a day to be goal-minded.


Our third quarter moon moves to Aries today, keeping that Mars energy ripe and strong. Today is a day for beginnings, announcements, and deep connection. Mercury quincunx retrograde Pluto in Capricorn will push for deeper conversations and problem-solving. We’re asked to dedicate ourselves to a common good. We’re being asked to find the people that want the same things as we do and love them unconditionally. We’re being asked to let go of judge mental processes and be forgiving. We’re being asked to internally define what it means to be humans and to give people as many chances as we would want for ourselves. Kindness rules and on this day ruled by Mercury, it’s a good day to tell someone just how much you mean to them.


Today we continue with our tender hearts and we show ourselves some patience. A lot has changed for you over the last year, and no matter how that change has shown up for you, you’re a different person now then you were a year ago. If you’re not, then you haven’t been paying attention to your lessons. The biggest impact we can have on the world, is to actually be the kind of person we want to meet. Be the mirror image of how you want others to receive you. Have patience with your process. Just as the plants blossoming along the Nile River look miraculous on this 4 of Cups, you too are a miracle and look no less miraculous to your loved ones. You’re doing everything right, just give yourself time.


The World steps forward as the Moon in Taurus works side by side with the Sun in Virgo today. When the sun and Moon square one another we see a type of harmony within that we thought we lost. We see a true love between our personality and true self form that is unbreakable. Fall in love with yourself. Be your own rom com today, for you. Take yourself on a date. This day is just for you. Be with yourself and by yourself. Listen to your inner thoughts and sort through the envy and jealousy that comes up. Talk yourself through those emotions and why they are not necessary for you. No more grass is greener outlook, it’s time to appreciate life as it is and be truly grateful as it changes. Open yourself up to the cycles that are ending today, and feel the blessings of self harmony.