This week our retrograde count has diminished, with Mercury station direct Sunday the 19th. We are left with Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Chiron respectively. We’ll see a few of these planets playing a major role this week, but before we talk about that, let’s talk about what it means when a planet is quincunx another planet. Literally, it means that the planets are about 150 degrees apart. What it does for our lives is readjustment. A quincunx brings redirecting and diversion toward something new.


Here we feel retrograde Saturn in Capricorn trine Retrograde Uranus in Taurus and retro Saturn trine Sun in Leo. It’s fitting the 7 of Pentacles has come forward because this card knows what it’s like when Saturn plays a major role in the day. It’s easy to have a tricky relationship with this planet because it likes to shake up our lives with harsh lessons and difficult choices. It will be easy to feel like you’re in the sunken place today. You might feel like you’re simply observing life and not necessarily taking part in the motions. That’s pretty classic Uranus retrograde feelings right there. While Saturn sits in Capricorn it has a loud voice, and it wants us to grow stronger. It wants us to see all of the ways we were the toxic person in various situations, it wants us to get called out, and it wants us to check our ego at the door. Today could feel super hard if you don’t realize that you’ll be better for it all in the end. Light some white candles and make a list of all of the harsh lessons you’ve learned in the past that you’re grateful for. Saturn will be very pleased to see you’re paying attention.


Today the Sun quincunxes retrograde Mars in Capricorn. Some of us will feel a huge energy shift today. You might regain hope and excitement for a project you thought was lost, or you could finally get that burst of inspiration you’ve been waiting for. Don’t be surprised when this project feels like it’s falling flat again. It won’t fully take off until after September 11th, but use today to set an intention for all of the ways you want Mars’ firey side to propel you forward in your career. Tuesday’s are ruled by Mars, so it’s the perfect day to worship the planet and all it’s firey glory. Mars wants to see you juggling projects, making money, and being a boss. This planet knows it’s easy to fly off the handle when your passion project isn’t going your way, and it says to let loose. The Emperor and the Sun have shown up today to instill the use of this energy to set intentions for when Mars goes direct. Stay career focused today, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised this fall.


Our sensual planet Venus sits at home in her sign of Libra and she quincunxes Neptune in Pisces. So, while we were getting some redirection of our jobs yesterday, today it’s our relationships. Today is full of emotional labor and water works. On this day ruled by Mercury, expect communication to be super important at restoring relationships that fell by the wayside during mercury retrograde. Reach out to old friends and colleagues that are important to your goals. Today is not, I repeat, is not a day to reach out to your exes. Leave it. Venus will retrograde soon, and there will be plenty of that energy then. This day is for people with similar life goals as yourself. This day is for healthy relationships and healthy discussions on sexual desire. The 6 of Cups says open up and fill your life with trust. Today is a day for pink and red candles and all the pyrite you have.


Our all-knowing Sun enters Virgo today, so, on this day ruled by Jupiter, we look toward expanding our human-ness. We’re living in a time where it’s cool and trendy to be an activist. We need this trend because there’s so much to fix and activate. Choose a sector that feels right. Be a voice for a cause you’re passionate about and stick with it. It’s easy to feel like you need to fix everything, but we’re all different for a reason. So, choose a meaningful area and be its voice. Spend the rest of the day getting your home together. When the sun sits in Virgo, mess and disorganization can feel distracting. Don’t let something so easily fixed take away from all of the work that you’ve been doing.


The last Quincunx of the week sets us up for the Full Moon on Sunday. The Sun quincunxes retrograde Chiron in Aries to help undo old traumas and remove hooks that are no longer necessary. There’s a chance you’ll feel super moody today because of this, but realize that the feelings that are coming forward need to in order to leave your body. The ol’ up and out. They come up and they go out. Try not to get caught up in them too much because it’s time these old feelings and thought processed leave your life. The Sun is getting you ready to harvest your manifestations. Let the process work on you. The Queen of Wands shows up to remind you that you’re the storm and can make it through anything. You can get through today and come out on top!


Today, Retrograde Saturn and Uranus come back for a last hurrah this week. They sit trine with the Sun in Virgo for some seriously earthy action. Today we restore Justice. This day is a culmination of the projects, talks, lessons, and action you’ve taken all week. If you decided to write it all off and save it for later, well, that’s going to bite you in the ass today. If you left any work unattended to, you’ll feel hella overwhelmed today. If you set your intentions, started projects, and had the hard conversations, today is going to feel HUGE. You’re going to feel like your energy expands all the way out to the Sun. You can do anything you want with that. Listen to your gut. If it tells you to reward yourself by laying on the beach, do it. If it tells you to rearrange your alter and keep pushing, do it. This is no time for unnecessary guilt or doing this for others. Listen and act for yourself today. A hematite with you all day will keep you on track.


Our Full Moon in Pisces shows up today to help us harvest our manifestations we’ve worked on all year. This Sturgeon Moon shows up at the time of old traditions and deep energetic recharge. The Pisces Moon hits us on a cellular level. If you allow it to, it can help you grow from old paradigm to the new renaissance. Tonight is the perfect moon for meditation, putting your crystals out, and talking to the sky. Sit deep with yourself and let the realizations of what YOU want wash over you like the tide. Try not to let societal structures dictate your dreams. The Fool shows up as a reminder that it’s never to late to restart. Let this Moon hit you under the skin, and let yourself walk away changed.