Welcome to a new month! August rushes in the Sabbat of Lammas, a day on which we are grateful for our upcoming bounty. We see the hard work rewarded this month and we thank the gods! Spend today noticing all of the small things that make you smile. Find everything you’re grateful for and hug it. Today is a wonderful day to shed tears of joy!

Our Moon conjunct Chiron and Square Saturn will bring on a feeling of Renaissance! Out with the old and in with the new. Don’t forget that bringing on a Renaissance doesn’t happen in one day, so if there’s old thought patterns or feelings of lack kicking around in your life, it’s ok. You’ve actively noticed these patterns and are making change. Be thankful you have the self awareness to see the behaviors you exhibit that aren’t progressive. The King of Pentacles blesses us with gifts today. The King wants to remind you that if you’re saying one thing and doing another Retrograde Mars square Uranus is coming for your ass (pun intended). It might be hard to find gratitude or your bounty later if you’ve been lazy with your perspective. Now is a good time to see through the eyes of others if you haven’t been doing that already. Selfishness only works when it’s self care.

The chances of old flames or old friends coming into your life the first week of August is real. Try to see who’s a mirror image of who you used to be, and who is on the path for growth and rebirth. You don’t need to hang with your old crew just because it’s comfortable. If they aren’t working like you are, boi bye. They will try to slow you down at every turn, and they might not even realize it! Hell, YOU might not even realize it! It’s a good day to burn a black and white candle to the ground and step out of the past and into the new. Rock the raw calcites and praise them for their tenderness. Their watery nature will offset some of the Fire you’ll feel.

Rabbit rabbit