The planets have spread out across the solar system, giving our bodies a much needed break. When planets occupy signs together, it can begin to feel like many people in a crowded room all trying to talk to you at once. This space allows us to really hear our intuition. This is exactly what we need right now. We need to listen to our inner voice in order to grow. Yesterday, we talked about expanding beyond a societal box. When you are able to hear your own inner monologue, that expansion will happen naturally. There is no timeline you’re supposed to follow. There is no age limit for starting over. There is an 80 year old Chinese woman running her family’s business and DJing on the side. She is living proof that life continues on at any age. This card is asking us to integrate our carnal lust and every desire into our lives. Hone in on what you want to manifest. There will be a New Moon in a little over a week. Use this time to figure yourself out. Really listen to your needs. Think only of yourself right now. What do you need to be living your best life?