Season 4 Episode 3. Crazy right? After the conclusion of this episode we knew we had to bring the Newkirks to experience the Parsonsfield Seminary in person. So in the spirit (pun intended) of Episode 3 and the need for adventure, we hopped in the car with the Newkirks, some haunted objects and our equipment and headed to rural Maine.

The Investigation Begins

It was dark and rainy, perfect ambiance for a paranormal investigation. When we arrived Jan greeted us and showed us where all the snacks were (she is the nicest lady you will ever meet), wished us luck and then departed. Our first stop was the attic in the school house.

As you’ve seen in this week’s episode, we had a lot of activity in the attics of these buildings. Yes, there are two attics, equally haunted and equally full of strange noises (more on that later.) We climbed the stairs to the attic filled with costumes. What may not be obvious from the episode is the attic is deceptively big, with a large empty room across the way, the bell tower to the right and additional closet space. We moved forward expecting to contact the Captain who Ty had spoken with during filming – we found something else.

What’s in the Attic

Katie and Dana were both drawn to the back of the attic. We explored a large empty room across from the staircase… For all the light streaming in through the windows in the attic, it was dark here. We asked a few questions to the spirits in the attic, but heard nothing. We left and headed toward the main room, the closet was to our left.

Katie and Dana stopped in front of a closet, slightly bigger than a crawlspace, concealed by racks of clothing.

“There’s a shadow standing in the doorway to the closet.”

No one felt comfortable. The shadowed figure stared at us as Katie tried to speak with it, asking who they were and who else might be here in the attic with us. It didn’t answer and retreated into the darkness of the closet. We decided to head over to Doe Hall in search of more communicative spirits.

Doe Hall

Traditionally, ParSem gets quiet after sundown, not tonight. We did a quick tour of the basement, which was still decorated from Halloween with cobwebs and bloody hand prints. Walking around our K2 meters flickered up to red and followed us as we walked through doorways and narrow hallways. It wasn’t until we returned to the first floor that they stopped. Before heading up to the second floor, we decided to sit for a minute and converse with Simon, one of the Newkirk’s newly acquired objects. Subscribe to their Patreon to learn more about Simon the Doll and many other objects! Knowing that Katie has seen children in this building, we thought bringing something youthful might provide a trigger for those still residing here.  As talkative as Simon was, so were the other spirits!  From the stairway to the right we could hear conversations going on without us! We had to go find out who they were.

The Second Floor

We went upstairs to the second floor. Several friends intrigued by the paranormal joined us as we continued our investigation upstairs.  We unexpectedly came in contact with two spirits; a young girl, and a very cranky person who was not pleased with the amount of noise we were making. You could hear the creak as it got up out of bed. Dana, Greg, Ty went down the hall to see if they could connect with whoever we woke up, I followed Katie and several others through a series of rooms until we settled on one in the corner where someone in our group had seen a young woman who was praying. She had been speaking with the spirit and sharing in prayer. Katie sat down and had a full conversation with the entity. The young woman expressed how lonely she was, and that she understood she could leave if she wanted to. To see two people conversing, one channeling an entity we could not see was absolutely fascinating, and something I personally haven’t seen at an investigation.

This is just the beginning. Stay tuned for more!