Episode 1… Season Four Begins!

This investigation was MIND BOGGLING.  Our first investigation for the season took us by complete surprise.  (Note: It may seem like we film things out of order.  This is untrue.  We are time travelers that jump around the time stream when necessary.)

Anyway!  Episode One of Season 4 was full of unexpected surprises.  Going into this haunt, the team thought it would be an easy going evening, not uneventful, just not high on the pre-rate scale.  Then things picked up.


The time spent in the Panama room was every ghost hunter’s dream: Ask a question, get a response.  The irony is it almost never happens this way.  Sometimes you will get an answer every 4 questions or so, and even you mostly feel like you’re talking to the dark.  We have never had an EVP session so responsive.


The moment Ashley has a vision of someone falling down the stairs.

Much of the credit goes to Katie and the energy boost she gave the spirits, I think it really helped the team connect to the spirit in the room.

For me, the most enlightening part of the evening was watching Ashley as she explored the Panama room.  The moment her vision occurs, you can see her expression change completely.  It was heartbreaking really, and a catalyst for everything else which occurred that evening.  (You also see Carol pick up on everything as she goes right up to Ashley as soon as it happens.)  As an observer in the situation, it was interesting to see such a genuine connection occur.

Voices in the dark

Another moving part of this investigation was piecing together the EVPs.  In the moment it is so difficult to figure out what the spirits are saying, it takes multiple play throughs for us to determine the message, when we do though, it is the most incredible and terrifying experience.

The spirit box with noise cancelling headphones is a new technique we tried this season, which is, I think, the most effective way to listen to the radio waves and potential voices.  This allows us to control what is happening in a way.  Instead of hearing what we want to hear, we treat it like an EVP session with a voice activated recorder.  We have had much greater success this way.  The conversation happening between Ty and Ash across rooms was incredible.

What’s Next?

We hope you enjoyed the season opener!  Don’t miss the next episode of Haunt ME on Monday! Admiral Perry had a lot of paranormal activity, but our next location has even more! Greg and Dana Newkirk join us as we revisit an familiar location and a familiar object. The dybbuk  returns to Parsonsfield with us as we try to connect with the spirits during a daytime investigation.

We were so excited to return to this location in an effort to find more evidence than our first trip. Need a reminder? Watch the episode! Or, brush up on the details with our blog entry! The first time we investigated was interesting, but overall, pretty quiet. Everything escalates when we return during the day, connecting with entities more likely to be awake during school hours. Don’t miss this thrilling episode as we meet new entities and

Check it out Monday May 15th at 12pm!