Wednesday, Mercury conjunct Saturn

We are fully saturated in Mercury Retrograde energetics by now, and before we know it, miscommunication is misfiring all around us. This week is about listening. It’s about putting what’s going on inside our heads aside and actually hearing the other person speak. We aren’t waiting for our turn to talk or to give advice. We are just listening. We are here to know what the speaker is truly saying. If you need to ask, “what did you mean by that?” Ask away. Ask all the questions you need to ask to fully understand what that person is saying to you. Don’t make assumptions this week. When it is your turn to talk, make sure the audience receives what you’re saying with perfect understanding. Saturn, the dad of the Universe, the teacher of hard lessons, is firing all cues with our communication. So, listen to what others are saying. Really listen. Don’t put your own spin on their voice. Gain new levels of understanding, and speak with clarity. Convey exactly what you’re feeling and what you need to say.

The calendula flowers you see around the cards are a great metaphysical tool to keep up with clear communication. They are also healing. They work well in skin care, if you need a new moisturizer, toner, mask, or something. Burn them with lavender flowers for an immediate response. (They don’t smell great on their own. I also like to burn them with cinnamon and copal resin.)

Now, take a deep breath. Hold your breath in for three seconds. Count it, 1 2 3. Let it out for three seconds. Count it. 1 2 3 Breath in for three seconds. 1 2 3 Hold for three seconds 1 2 3. Breath out for three seconds 1 2 3. (Read to yourself or out loud) These cards were chosen for me. I am the earth, the air, the fire, the water, and spirit. I am everything and everything is me. Now choose your card(s).




If you chose the card on the left with the Smokey Quartz, you got The Fool. If you chose the card in the center with the Barite, you got Justice. If you chose the card on the right with the Lapis Lazuli, you got the High Priestess. You may have noticed all three cards are from the Major Arcana. What was wild to me, was that I knew what each of them was before I flipped it over. When we consider the energetic shift we went through on Sunday, it’s not a surprise that we are seeing such intensities. December is a month that shapes our years to come. Every decision you make this month is making a greater decision for you. For example, when I chose to side with the local Queer Community instead of a local business, that decision will stick with me for the next couple of years. Especially if I keep choosing human rights over business. I will probably see myself  being reached out to by more people in the community, and when people think of me, they will associate me with that community. Sometimes we don’t think how small decisions will effect us in the long term, but for this month, especially, we should.


The Fool, The Hero’s Leap

This is the first card in the Tarot deck. It’s not number 1, it’s 0. This card signifies a total rebirth. New ways of thinking, of looking at life, new experiences, new, new, new. This card comes up when something BIG is on the horizon. For some of you it might be the separation of a partnership, and for others it might be a new spiritual outlook on life. Whatever it is, it’s changing the course of your life. The Unicorn on this card represents our purest self- free of fear, of inhibition, and predetermined ideas. Trust yourself and your instincts right now and surrender to the pull of the Universe. Communicate your needs clearly to who you’re severing ties with. Let them know exactly why you’re leaving.



Justice, Sushumna Root

If you chose Justice, you’re familiar with what I’m about to tell you. You’re being asked to live simply. Reduce the extremes in your life. Pack a lunch for work, and make your own coffee. Wake up earlier to stretch. Take time for self care. This is a time to mitigate financial stress and take care of yourself. Do less. Since Justice is the 8th card in the deck, it signifies that you need this reminder regularly. Maybe you like certain luxuries in your life, or you party hard on the weekends. This is a reminder to slow down a bit a live a little more simple, a time least for this month. Now is the time to redirect or temporarily avoid relationship conflicts, reduce workload, and simply, regulate the storms as you see fit. This is a time to strengthen for you. Communicate to everyone that you need some personal time. Get a massage, do a float tank, face mask, whatever helps the rejuvenation process is yours, but take time for home. Be in your home with both feet on the ground and provide for yourself. It will help ground you, and you’ll find decision making to be easier after a week of this.



The High Priestess, Guardian of Shadow Dreams

This card comes up to say that your strengths rely in the shadow. If you missed your opportunity to get to know shadow self during Scorpio season, then you have some work to do. If you spend lots of time confronting and trying to understand the darker sides of self, then you already know that it’s one of your strongest attributes. I work so closely with my shadow self and it does make you stronger when you admit to your deepest desires and own your faults. A misconception of the shadow, is that it’s bad. The shadows are ruled by the mother, the Moon  they are inherently divine feminine and can be examined using philosophy, music, or environmental studies. Your gut instincts are very powerful, and so are your dreams. Now is a good time to listen to your inner self and give it what it wants.