Month: June 2017

Momentus Momentum

To help us through all of the watery emotions we’ve been feeling, Venus finally moves into Taurus. Since Venus has crossed the gandanta between Pisces and Aries, many of us may feel like we’re leaving one cycle behind for a new one, particularly with heart driven desires and relationships. Venus will be potent from now until July 26. This will be a stable time for growth, so take advantage! All of this information with the planets arrives at us on Thursday, the day the is ruled by Jupiter, and the day of superior growth and gifts! So envelope the energy of the Eight of Wands and know that our challenges will be wrapped in rainbows for a while. Any difficulty in communication will be replaced by direct speech. Now is the time to own our own growth and resolve things quickly.


Practical Magic

If you haven’t joined the Museum of the Paranormal and Occult, do so! There is so much information and opportunity to learn about haunted objects and the paranormal. They also offer a monthly subscription box where you can learn about magic, its history, and different tools you can use.

Since becoming a Paranormal Investigator I have met more people and learned about many different belief systems, rituals, and Truths. Magic of the Month Club has given me a great opportunity to learn more about others! This subscription box has created a great community of people learning magic and finding power within themselves. We talk about our experiences, share books, expand our knowledge, and discover new tools and techniques to use in life and on investigations. So far this has been an eye opening experience, one I am very excited to share!

Keep reading for details on what magical goodies we got this month!

Manifestation and Abundance

This month’s theme is manifestation and abundance, which is all about working with the universe to achieve your dreams and goals. This particular topic is something I have heard people discuss, but haven’t practiced for myself, so I was/am excited to learn more.

The first thing you need to know about Magic of the Month club is: everything smells amazing. The box arrives at your door and you smell it before you see it. Opening up the box there are instructions, and all the ingredients you need to complete your spell. This month: Flourite crystal, Bloodstone, hand blended tea, incense, and a paper with a sigil written in dragon’s blood. For those of who you don’t know (like me) Dragons Blood is derived from a plant and used by many different practices. One of it’s intentions is to strengthen the power of spells – this is important as we work toward manifesting our dreams and goals!  These subscription boxes are hand created, and put together by Greg and Dana Newkirk. The dedication and detail put into each box is extraordinary.

Week 1

A four week process, we have several steps to complete this month’s box. The first step is to pick a spot that is special to you, and go there. This is where you will be practicing your magic for the month. Taking out the paper, you are supposed to write down what you would like to work with the universe to create. Fellow crew-member Johnny and myself went to our favorite spot and took turns writing what we wanted from the future. At the risk of sounding sappy, this was a powerful moment for both of us. To be able to sit down and truly envision what we want from our future was… magical!

Week 2 – Bubble, Bubble..

All week we held onto our paper with the sigil and remembered what a delightful morning we had and how many exciting things to look forward to in the future. Week two brought tea steeped for a half an hour and the smudged over our dreams and goals. We totally let our paper dry ungracefully on a grocery store advertisement. It was amusing.

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The Final Countdown

Week three brings a mojo back with a magical mix of herbs, and sea glass. The intention of this is to magnify our manifestations. The final week we burn hand-made incense and release our desires to the universe. Both the mojo bag (herbs and seaglass), and incense smell amazing, and brighten any room they sitting in! For many of these boxes we burn incense, so it was necessary to find something to dedicate purely to creating magic. Amazon has a plethora of options – I found a beautiful ceramic incense bowl to use for moments like this.

I will level with you guys – I haven’t been feeling well for the last couple of weeks. Taking the time to participate in this ritual really brought a difference in my outlook. This month’s box was a good opportunity for me to refocus my mind onto greater things! The last two weeks have been full of hope and happiness, and I find I have something exciting to focus on when I feel burdened by work, and everyday anxieties.

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Divine Clarity

Wednesday is the day ruled by Mercury, the planet of infinite knowledge and communication. Today is a great day to download clarity and work on our relationships. On the card, The Star, we see a woman standing atop a dark hill, and five spinning vortices which represent the senses. We are to let wisdom and clarity shine within us like a northern star, guiding us through our most comfortable senses. We’re being given divine inspiration, give it time to crystallize within yourself. Get comfortable in it. You may not understand why you feel compelled to do things today, and that’s ok. Do them anyway! Listen in on conversations. Know that you’re not better than anyone. Guide yourself through a humble nature and soak up life around you.


Triumph on Display

The Six of Wands has come up for us in many different ways. For Tuesday, we are accessing a divine that we will see repeat itself during the July New Moon. Our ancient ancestry is coming into play. What do we know about ourselves and our familiar karmic bonds? It’s going to be important to access this information because we will see it repeat itself in a month. While we research this information, it will be important to take some deep breaths and celebrate. We have come so far in June. This month has opened up a lot for many of us, and it’s good to recognize how far we’ve come. It’s important to note that decisions made today will ripple throughout the rest of the year. So, celebrate and stay focused!


Lightning Strike

This card shows a woman standing in a pose of power, receiving the dynamic, multifaceted lightning strike of clarity. This is the ‘Eureka!’ moment. The weeks have not been presenting clear or focused energy. Each day has been completely new, instead of building onto the next. Here is a moment of clarity after the fog. This moment is a wonderful opportunity to move on from previous constraints.


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