Month: March 2017

Who you gonna call?

Every Haunt ME investigation is an opportunity to go on an adventure with your friends.  We honestly learn something new every time; whether its about the location, each other, or the ‘other side’.  Every investigation brings us another piece of the truth.  With every piece of evidence we get closer to an answer.  This process is very rewarding in that way.  That quest for knowledge continues when we investigate cases off camera.

Un-filmed haunts are usually client cases where people have reached out to Haunt ME for help.  These are often the most concerning, and require a different approach than the episodes themselves.  I spoke with Ty about how Haunt ME handles client cases versus our traditional episodes:

Client Cases Versus Filmed Episodes

“Client cases are much different from a filmed investigation. When filming, it’s always an adventure where we’re often the only ones in peril. We can push ourselves as far as we want, we can experiment, and the only ones who have to deal with the consequences are our team members (and sometimes the film crew.)

Having a client case means that someone has been pushed far enough from their own comfort that they are compelled to reach out for help.  Instead of exploring the limits of the paranormal, like we do with our show, when when we work with a client we work within those limits to try to help them find solace in their homes and power within themselves.”

Are the risks the same?

“With a client, it’s imperative to find every ounce of information you can before inserting yourself into the situation, because by adding your influence to their time of need, you can easily make it much worse if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Often times solutions to a problem can be found by a little bit of debunking, reassurance, and empowerment. When that doesn’t work, and only when all logical options have been exhausted, we suit up and head out into the fray. The end goal is to provide those in need with tools to better themselves, and their situation.”

Fear gets the best of all of us, how do you separate fear from imagination?

“Fear and imagination go hand in hand, one empowering the other, and often setting it on fire.  The best way, the only way, to do this is to interview your client in depth about what they’re experiencing and how they’re reacting to it. This way, you can come up with an accurate action plan for them to follow which will hopefully dissuade their fears and calm their imagination.

As we’ve discovered during our investigations, there is a lot out there.  What have you come across when working one on one with clients?

We’ve had clients reach out about feeling unsafe in their home, being scratched in their sleep, haunted objects they don’t know what to do with, possible possession cases, and your run of the mill unwanted hauntings.

How do you approach, whatever ‘it’ might be?

It’s best to approach the situation, and not the entity. Limiting it to being ‘one thing’, and not a combination of factors could blind you from the truth. Living in a haunted house AND being obliterated by EMF fields caused by simple bad wiring, while also experiencing ghostly noises caused by horrible plumbing, because the contractor didn’t want to dig through the the Indian Burial Ground next door to your home may sound crazy, but not out of the question. You have to be ready for anything, because in this field of the unknown, the answer COULD be anything. When we approach a haunting situation, whether on Haunt ME or via a client, we always have this in mind.

What causes unwanted activity?

Unfortunately, a lot of times we’ve found that activity can occur because it was invited to do so, either purposefully or by accident. The paranormal often circles around intent, and people are more powerful than they give themselves credit for. Luckily, this is a double edged sword, and the power people wield can dispel a haunting just as they can invoke one. Again, doing so just takes intent and a little focus. This is how we can often work with a client without ever having to make a home visit, they have the power! However, if there’s something that just simply overwhelms a client, there’s imminent danger, or a logical approach just isn’t cutting it, that’s where we come in! Haunt ME is on the case!

Ty brings up a very interesting point when it comes to the paranormal: people are more powerful than they give themselves credit for. I think there is a lot we don’t understand about the world, but it is hard to deny the influence we have. This can go two ways, we can drag all the negativity toward us, or where we are in control of our surroundings and what we attract, we can bring light into our own lives. This theory applies to the paranormal as well. We are in control of our domain, our thoughts, our homes, which means we can decide who and what we surround ourselves with.

Don’t forget to tune into Haunt ME Season 4 premiering May 1st!! We have an amazing season to share with you, and we cannot wait for you to see!

Mount Washington

Haunt ME was super excited to participate in another Strange Escapes event at the Washington Hotel back in November.  For the record, this is one of the most beautiful hotels I have ever seen.  It’s amidst the gorgeous White Mountains in New Hampshire.  When you walk in it feels like you stepped into history, AND it has paranormal activity.

View of pond and resort at Mount Washington
Photo credit Mt. Washington Hotel

Mount Washington, a history

The property is haunted by a Princess for who loved to vacation there.  Wife of Joseph Stickney, Carolyn quickly became a widow after her wealthy husband passed a year after completion of the hotel.  She loved the Mount Washington so much she had her bedroom set sent over from the south of France and housed in her favorite room (a room which you can say in, along with the original bed.)  Every night in the dinning room she would have a singular table set up for her, a tradition the staff keeps up to this day.

Our Favorite Spots

On this trip we had a chance to explore the Princess’ room, the graveyard on premises, the Bretton Arms Inn, and the stables.  If you want a fun, easy going ghost adventure, check out the Strange Escapes VIP event coming up in May.  You’ll see Haunt ME‘s Ty Gowen, presenting a Ghost Hunting 101 lecture about everything you need to know about going on a ghost hunt!

The Princess Room is beautiful and we got some interesting evidence.  Other places like the presidential wing left us with more questions than answers; shadow play, minor K2 hits, what is hanging around in the hotel’s newest addition.  I think the most unnerving place was the Bretton Arms Inn with rows and rows of empty rooms with closed doors just waiting for something to peek their head around.  Spooky.


The highlight of this weekend was the opportunity we had to sit down and discuss one of the most terrifying and confusing experiences with the paranormal: the box. Check out our blog post and all of the theories surrounding this mysterious object.

Ghostly Visions

As a crew member on Haunt ME, I do not interact with the paranormal often (I have a tendency to scream, so, a lack of direct communication when filming is not such a bad thing.)  This is not to say I have not had any experiences at all, just, not on camera.

That being said, I can attest to the GRCC being one of the most interesting and terrifying places I have ever experienced, and I keep going back.

As I am sure you can see from the episode The Magician, the GRCC is HUGE: three floors, not including the basement (which is just as terrifying as you are imagining.)

Over the last two to three years, we have been lucky enough to explore the GRCC about 5 times, each with a different experience.  Some we have captured on camera, others were personal experiences, but all very real.

Our Experiences

  1. The voice in the hall.

    When we first scouted the GRCC for a potential episode (this was my first experience ghost hunting by the way)  we started the evening in the gymnasium listening to rapid footsteps as they circled the catwalk.  We moved into the locker room across the hall and sat with the K2 facing the hall, and the recorders in our hands.  We sat, intermittently asking questions, when in the silence Ty and I hear, as if someone were walking own the hall: “I’m coming.”  I managed to capture it on my digital recorder which is too old to transfer onto my computer.  Irony.

  2. A child in the dance room.

    We had a chance to investigate the GRCC with a few friends of ours and their 8 year old son this past fall.  In exploring the dance room, we connected with a spirit who claims their favorite color is yellow.  Watch the clip below!

  3. The voice in the basement.

    Ty and I had an unnerving experience where we were touring with a group of investigators.  A spirit had been walking with us and stopped at the door.  There was another spirit waiting in the back of the room (unbeknownst to us.)  When we realized the first spirit didn’t want to move because of who was lurking there, we booked it.
    Cue my second visit to the basement months later.  We were doing an EVP session in the basement and we get several answers.  Check it out:

    It’s always interesting when the spirits remember you…

  4. When objects move.

    Some of you may have seen this video from a couple of summers ago… but it’s a really cool moment that we have yet been able to debunk…(please be aware – adult language is used)

  5. Information download

    My final experience I debated about writing about.  We have no evidence, other than what I think I saw.  In the gymnasium, our whole group (Ty, Johnny, and Cory) was instantly aware of a looming presence at the back of the catwalk.  We continued to investigate when I had a moment where this vision, for lack of a better term, of a bald man with a sunken face in flowing black clothing popped into my mind.  Now, I have never heard of a description of the figure Ashley saw except that he was bald, so I am not sure what my experience was, but it was definitely unnerving.

Sun, Sands, Spirits?

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

This summer Haunt Me’s took a cruise through Strange Escapes!  We started in New Orleans, and traveled through Mexico, Belize and Honduras.  If you are ever looking for a new adventure where you can hang out with and learn from some of the worlds greatest investigators while vacationing in some of the most beautiful places, take a trip with Strange Escapes.  Amy Bruni does a great job creating an itinerary that is sure to please.  Plus, most trips include all sorts of paranormal adventures, like a visit with Dana and Greg Newkirk and their Traveling Museum of the Occult, or a ghost hunt with Grant Wilson, and Adam Berry.  You can also hear some great paranormal tales with John Tenney, who has some of the most interesting stories you will ever hear about the strange and weird.


Our Adventures:

Image may contain: one or more people, closeup and indoor

We all made a mess eating the beignets.  But they were a delicious, and a very touristy thing to do.  We waked through the art district, tried hurricanes, and then braved a giant thunderstorm all before getting onto the cruise ship.  Whoever said it doesn’t feel like the ship is moving, was crazy.

I won’t lie, the alcohol floweth when on a cruise.  We had a blast hanging with other paranormal enthusiasts from across the country and learning from some really cool people.  The best part about gathering with fellow weirdos is hearing everyone’s strange encounters with the paranormal.  What a great community!  We are all working toward finding answers to the otherworldly.  On this trip we got to sit in on on of Chip Coffey’s readings while fellow cruise members spoke with former family members and friends.  We also got to adventure through some amazing countries, visit ancient ruins and bask in sunlight on the sun temple of the Aztecs!

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Great food, great company, and the most amazing beaches we have ever seen (it was literally like  Corona commercial.)  Keep checking back for more Strange Escape Adventures, and don’t forget to share your paranormal experiences in the comments below!