Month: February 2017

Beyond the Episodes

Many of you remember the episode at the Mexico High School, featuring a unique box.  If you haven’t, check out the episode here:

Or, the corresponding blog post for the scoop on one of Haunt ME’s most terrifying adventures.

That adventure hasn’t ended.  Research on this item continues since Haunt ME encountered it in Mexico, ME.  Currently, The Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and Occult holds onto this piece as they work to find out further truths.  However, during a recent Strange Escapes trip, we had a chance to meet with some of the industry’s leaders in Paranormal knowledge, and discuss the possibilities and secrets this object might hold.


You’ll see some familiar faces in this picture!  John Tenney, Grant Wilson, Greg Newkirk and Dana Matthews all joined to sit and discuss… it.  This was an exciting moment to brainstorm and workshop the reasoning and intention behind this object’s creation.  We took an uncomfortably close look at how it’s made, and listened to what might be rolling around inside.  We did not open it.  There was no way that could happen, especially after the multitude of theories thrown out at to what could exist within that box, each less appealing in nature than the first.

Theory 1: Something Human or Chemical
A good way to hide something you don’t want found, is to seal it in a box and create a sense of superstition around the object.  No one wants to open something that may contain a fifth level demon, or cause some sort of illness (supernatural or otherwise.)  Feel free to imagine all the things you would never want to be surprised by.

Theory 2: Paranormal
Evil. Say there is something tethered supernaturally to the box… what do you do?  If that entity were released and horcruxed its existence into every person in that circle, well, that would be a downright mess.  I think that realization was pretty humbling.  As thrilling as exploration of the paranormal is, sometimes there are things beyond your comfort level.  This item definitely is.

Theory 3: Magic
What if someone created this?  What if someone poured all of their negativity and hatred and darkness into a box and locked it away.  Who hasn’t wanted to lock away all of their feelings and anger.  If someone looking to separate a part of themselves and hide it away, wouldn’t it look a little like this?

We don’t know what this is.  Greg and Dana are looking into it.  We are hoping to find some answers soon… kinda.

For more excitement and haunted objects watch Greg and Dana on Paranormal Lockdown Friday February 24th or at https://www.patreon.com/paramuseum and www.weekinweird.com


The Haunted Part 2

A lot can happen during a ghost hunt; objects move, voices whisper in your ear, a tap on the shoulder…  What we don’t always talk about are the experiences which can occur after an evening with spirits.  Some of our investigators have had ghosts follow them home, and it can be a serious intrusion.

Dealing with ghosts

There are different techniques to prevent some unwanted visitors, Katie has gone over a few in our episodes (check out the GRCC Episode 1 for some seriously good grounding techniques.)  Centering and grounding is a very important process as it keep you connected with your surroundings without putting you at risk for attachment.  This means when you are communicating with the paranormal your mental focus is strong enough to create a barrier between you and the entity when you begin to feel uncomfortable.

Focusing energy

Centering you energy does not end when you leave your haunted location for the evening;  that barrier should follow you home, so others don’t.  I utilize a lot of the techniques we discuss on camera to keep potential spirits out of my house.  It’s difficult sometimes when you get home at 3 in the morning not to be paranoid about everything you experienced during the episode, but I always figure it is better safe than sorry.  Typically after a haunt, before entering my house I’ll take a moment, focus on the frame, and state the intent: “This is my house and nothing of ill intent can follow me here.”  So far no ghosts, just the occasional bat.

Ghostly Encounters

Everyone on the team is different in regards to their post hunt ghost encounters and .  fortunately, Erin (camera woman extraordinaire) hasn’t experienced anything following her, which she attributes to “not inviting anything paranormal to communicate if you are not mentally prepared for it,”  a sentiment I have to agree with.  When you engage in conversation, whether you utilize a spirit box, or the Ouija board, you are opening a door into your realm.  If you do not close that door, you are inviting whatever you were speaking to stay, whether it is through the technology you utilize, or yourself.  Being the ones filming, and not directly communicating, makes it feel less like you are in the line of fire.

“There’s a certain immunity you feel being a camera person.  You’re distanced from the activity.  If you are not provoking the spirits it is unlikely you will be pulled into that action.  I find safety in that.” – Johnny

Erin and Johnny run the hand held cameras which follow our investigators through their adventures.  While neither directly contact ghosts, they are not immune to the interactions of the paranormal: “My back was toward the door.  All of the investigators were in the room, and other members of the crew were in a completely different section of the house.  There was a quiet moment, and I heard footsteps walking down the hall…”  Moments like this are awesome, once the initial terror subsides.  They are also the hardest moments to replicate.

On Haunt ME we never discount personal experiences.  While it may not make it to film, or find it’s way onto a recorder, they are strong indications of potential activity.  That’s why as a team, on and off camera, we’re always communicating.  If someone is feeling uncomfortable, we address both the person and the potential entity. “Our team is really good about checking in with everybody during investigations to make sure they are o.k., investigators and crew alike.”  It is so important to stay in contact with your team and to have each other’s back. This is clear in the Parsonsfield Episode, as well as the Mill Agent’s House. Both Ashley and Ty have personal experiences with their surroundings/entities and get out with the help of teammates.  It’s always good to stick together and keep an eye out for your teammates.

The Haunted

We have a lot of fun on the set of Haunt ME, and we are super excited to bring you our brand new season, where Ashley, Ty, Carol, and Katie experience new locations, new terrors, and handle them like champs.  When we are not filming, we’re definitely a tight knit group and enjoy exploring the non-haunted side of Maine (i.e. beaches, bars, and restaurants.)  We were planning our current season one evening while hunting Pokemon at a very conveniently located restaurant (it was right between two Pokestops loaded with lures… I swear we were working) and we got to talking about our experiences and how far Haunt Me has developed from Season 1.

So what’s changed?

Our Investigators have grown in their abilities to  communicate with the paranormal to extraordinary new lengths, and it got us thinking, how has the crew, a group of relatively skeptical people, changed?  If we think about the last four years, going from Carol’s house to the Greater Rumford Community Center and beyond, we have filmed some pretty crazy stuff.  So, how has Haunt Me changed us?  This is what I found out:

“I told the spirits they couldn’t follow me home.  I don’t think I could control the spirits no matter how much I believed in that statement” -Nick Nordfors

The biggest question I had for my crew mates was: How has working on Haunt Me affected their belief in the paranormal?  The majority of us didn’t believe, mostly because we didn’t have a reason to.  I know for me each episode has become a new challenge to capture the truth.  It’s like they say in the X-Files: I want to believe.  For Nick (producer and editor extraordinaire), he started producing Haunt Me without a single thought to the existence of spirits.  Focusing mostly on the flow of the episode itself, it wasn’t until Hillside Hall that he really started to tune into the unknown: “When the mysterious man showed up the first night, it shook me […] Since then I’ve been much more open to the idea that we are interacting with something and it makes the whole experience much more lucrative and terrifying.” 

A Crew full of Muggles

No one on our crew would call themselves inherently psychic, or in any way “in tune” with the paranormal; in fact, we tend to be the most skeptical.  So when one of us experiences anything out of the ordinary, it is not only shocking, but almost validates the moment.  It is interesting, as camera crew, we are told to run toward the danger, but at times I find myself too frozen in the moment and get caught up insights and observations of the investigators to chase down the shadow figure.  (Also, running toward the danger is terrifying.)

Behind the Scenes

Nick goes through a lot to take our footage and create an amazing episode from it.  It isn’t easy to separate yourself from the experiences enough to focus on what the audience might find interesting.  He watches hours of footage to present the viewers with a story line which represents a mere fraction of what we experience.  There have been some crazy personal encounters that don’t make it into episodes, and sometimes those are the most powerful.

In this upcoming season we meet some familiar characters which have a profound effect on both investigators and crew alike, creating some new and terrifying experiences on Haunt ME.  On our latest investigation, Nick was filming our investigators when he heard a strange sound: “I heard a chain, and an animal-like noise and everyone stopped.  I legitimately felt terrified in that moment.”  Experiences like this are the hardest to utilize in an episode if they are not caught on the recorders or film like Charlies’ most terrifying experience below…

But wait there’s more…

Like Nick, Charlie started with Haunt Me in Season 1 experiencing the vastness that is the Biddeford Mills.  Now, I didn’t go on this investigation, but having experienced the Biddeford Mills during a recent video shoot, I can understand Charlie’s fascination with some place that has so much history, especially with the evidence they caught that night: “We heard what sounded like a little girl laughing.  My hair stood on end, and my heart started racing.”  

Disembodied voices are, for me, the most terrifying.  They come from no where, and not everybody hears them.  Charlie, Ash and Ty were able to corroborate hearing the little girl voice, but what happens when no one else hears?  Thousands of questions rush through your mind: What are thy trying to say?  Are they only talking to me?  How come only a few (if any) heard this?  It is unnerving how real a voice can be, and how the person next to you won’t hear it.  This is why EVPs are so incredibly awesome, sometimes they catch what we can’t, more importantly, sometimes they support what only some hear.

This isn’t the movies

I always imagined ghost hunting would be like the movies; with things flying and the paranormal all but hits you in the face.  The truth is, it is so much more subtle than that.  It’s hours exploring through a dark mill following flickering shadows and a gut feeling until you hear a voice speak to you, and it’s terrifying  because you are surrounded by darkness and can only see through a 2″ x 2″ screen where the people you are hunting with, haven’t said a word…

Stay tuned for more paranormal experiences coming your way!

Season Four Starts Now!

Live updating from our filming of episode 19!

Today starts Season 4!!

Incase you were ever wondering what preproduction looks like for our Haunt Me episodes (I know you are all curious), the picture below will give you a good idea of what it takes to make this show tick.


So. Many. Cords.

This haunt is not small. We are spanning four floors and thousands of feet in an effort to capture every detail we can.

After laying out power cords (and taping them down so no one trips – sorry Charlie), the IR cameras get plugged in and set up .  It is usually an easy process and really adds to the evidence we capture, until one of them doesn’t stand up straight… and then you do this:


There is nothing you can’t do with a trashcan, an empty apple juice box, and tape.

Next up is the walk through.  We are fortunate where our location this evening is so beautiful, we can really get some gorgeous shots.  We even had a brief encounter when filming!
We were about to leave for lunch when the k2 meter lit up on the stairs, as if someone was walking by. We didn’t have our cameras on it, but seeing that really solidified the stories about this haunted location.

More live updates coming your way!

We are halfway through investigation! I have to admit, I’m pretty proud of the footage we’ve gotten; I’ve only walked into two objects. In all seriousness, we’ve had some interesting encounters this evening with a lot of k2 pops and some pretty direct word play from the ovilus.

Typically I don’t put a lot of stock in the words that appear out of this piece of equipment. But every time a question was asked an immediate response (whether it pertained to the question or not) occurred. Some of the responses were eerily related to stories of the haunts here. We are excited to share them with you!