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This summer Haunt Me’s took a cruise through Strange Escapes!  We started in New Orleans, and traveled through Mexico, Belize and Honduras.  If you are ever looking for a new adventure where you can hang out with and learn from some of the worlds greatest investigators while vacationing in some of the most beautiful places, take a trip with Strange Escapes.  Amy Bruni does a great job creating an itinerary that is sure to please.  Plus, most trips include all sorts of paranormal adventures, like a visit with Dana and Greg Newkirk and their Traveling Museum of the Occult, or a ghost hunt with Grant Wilson, and Adam Berry.  You can also hear some great paranormal tales with John Tenney, who has some of the most interesting stories you will ever hear about the strange and weird.

Our Adventures:

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We all made a mess eating the beignets.  But they were a delicious, and a very touristy thing to do.  We waked through the art district, tried hurricanes, and then braved a giant thunderstorm all before getting onto the cruise ship.  Whoever said it doesn’t feel like the ship is moving, was crazy.

I won’t lie, the alcohol floweth when on a cruise.  We had a blast hanging with other paranormal enthusiasts from across the country and learning from some really cool people.  The best part about gathering with fellow weirdos is hearing everyone’s strange encounters with the paranormal.  What a great community!  We are all working toward finding answers to the otherworldly.  On this trip we got to sit in on on of Chip Coffey’s readings while fellow cruise members spoke with former family members and friends.  We also got to adventure through some amazing countries, visit ancient ruins and bask in sunlight on the sun temple of the Aztecs!

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Great food, great company, and the most amazing beaches we have ever seen (it was literally like  Corona commercial.)  Keep checking back for more Strange Escape Adventures, and don’t forget to share your paranormal experiences in the comments below!