Many of you remember the episode at the Mexico High School, featuring a unique box.  If you haven’t, check out the episode here:

Or, the corresponding blog post for the scoop on one of Haunt ME’s most terrifying adventures.

That adventure hasn’t ended.  Research on this item continues since Haunt ME encountered it in Mexico, ME.  Currently, The Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and Occult holds onto this piece as they work to find out further truths.  However, during a recent Strange Escapes trip, we had a chance to meet with some of the industry’s leaders in Paranormal knowledge, and discuss the possibilities and secrets this object might hold.


You’ll see some familiar faces in this picture!  John Tenney, Grant Wilson, Greg Newkirk and Dana Matthews all joined to sit and discuss… it.  This was an exciting moment to brainstorm and workshop the reasoning and intention behind this object’s creation.  We took an uncomfortably close look at how it’s made, and listened to what might be rolling around inside.  We did not open it.  There was no way that could happen, especially after the multitude of theories thrown out at to what could exist within that box, each less appealing in nature than the first.

Theory 1: Something Human or Chemical
A good way to hide something you don’t want found, is to seal it in a box and create a sense of superstition around the object.  No one wants to open something that may contain a fifth level demon, or cause some sort of illness (supernatural or otherwise.)  Feel free to imagine all the things you would never want to be surprised by.

Theory 2: Paranormal
Evil. Say there is something tethered supernaturally to the box… what do you do?  If that entity were released and horcruxed its existence into every person in that circle, well, that would be a downright mess.  I think that realization was pretty humbling.  As thrilling as exploration of the paranormal is, sometimes there are things beyond your comfort level.  This item definitely is.

Theory 3: Magic
What if someone created this?  What if someone poured all of their negativity and hatred and darkness into a box and locked it away.  Who hasn’t wanted to lock away all of their feelings and anger.  If someone looking to separate a part of themselves and hide it away, wouldn’t it look a little like this?

We don’t know what this is.  Greg and Dana are looking into it.  We are hoping to find some answers soon… kinda.

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