Q: What is Haunt ME?
A: Haunt ME is a web series focusing on haunted or supposedly haunted Maine locations. Our team goes in to learn about the history of the place and then investigates to see if there is any validity to the claims. We use a variety of equipment and techniques to make this determination, and each one of our members has a specific style or job so we are sure that we can cover all bases.

Q: What is a web series? Is it different from a TV show?
A: Yes and no. A web series is any video production series that airs online. Our show is very much like a TV show in that we have episodes that will air each week after our premiere date, but this release will occur online. We are very excited to be apart of the online web series community, which is an exciting new way to experience television programs.

Q: What is the Entertainment Experiment?
A: The Entertainment Experiment is an online network that displays the talents of Maine film makers, web series creators, musicians and artists. It is a channel that features many other great web series out of Maine, including No Refund for Content, Ragged Isle, Food Coma TV, Vacationlanders, The Spoiler Alert and the radio drama The Cleansed.

Q: Who is on your investigation team?
A: We have five investigators who appear in our episodes. They each have a specific job title and you will see them working on related tasks throughout each episode. They are Ashley Brooks (group leader), Carol Cleveland (historian), Ty Gowen (audio analyst), Shawn Ruarke (visual evidence analyst), and Katie Webb (occultist).

Q: Who does your filming?
A: We have a behind the scenes crew that works diligently to make our episodes and adventures possible. The tech team includes the talents of Nick Nordfors, Mike Strout, Krista Bertalan, Ross Kearney, Charlie Widdis, Erin Cross, Mandy Wertman, Dave Kelley, Brigid McGovern, Chris Ryall, Johnny Speckman, and Nate Speckman.

Q: What equipment do you use?
A: Please view “Our Equipment” page (COMING SOON).

Q: When did Season 1 premiere?
A: Haunt ME premiered our first episode at Coast City Comicon on November 11th, 2012.

Q: When did the team form?
A: We formed in January 2012, and had our first investigation on January 28th, 2012.

Q: What does the rating system do?
A: Our rating system includes five levels, with numbers ranging from 1 to 10. When we arrive at a location, we interview those with relevant experiences and collect any evidence that they have to offer us. We give the haunt a “pre-rate” based on this data. After our own investigation, we assign a score based on our findings. We then average these two scores together to give the location a final rating. We feel this is more fair, because it takes into account the stories of those who spend much more time in the building than we do.

Q: What is the rating system?
A: View our “Rating System” page (COMING SOON).

Q: Why is there not a 0 rating?
A: We feel that would be unfair, because we are only there for a short time and it would be presumptuous to say a place is not haunted when we are there for only a small fraction of the time that the homeowners or building managers are.

Q: Do you actually catch real evidence?
A: We are honest. Sometimes there is literally no evidence. When that happens, we will tell you the truth, and the episode will be more about our journey and debunking the claims. We aim to make each episode entertaining while remaining truthful. That said, even the haunts we seem to think are the most uneventful end up scaring a lot of people!

Q: How can I support your show?
A: You can like us on Facebook, visit our shop, and continue watching our episodes!

Q: Is Haunt ME appropriate for children to watch?
A: We are a clean program but certain scenes could be scary for children. We would probably not recommend the show for those under the age of 12. Of course, use your own discretion.

Q: I think my house is haunted. Will you come investigate?
A: We are currently only visting public buildings or residences with notable Maine history. If you own a business or have a house with interesting local history, we would love to discuss doing an investigation for season 3 (2014 filming season). Please email us at hauntmeofficial@gmail.com.

Q: Can I join your team?
A: Our team is full and we are not looking for more members. Keep a lookout for different events that we schedule throughout the year, though. We have had several group ghost hunts this past year, and plan on doing even more in the 2014 season. This is a good way to meet other like-minded people and perhaps form a group of your own!


If you would like to contact Haunt ME about a media request, please complete the form at the bottom of the page or send an email to hauntmeofficial@gmail.com

06.11.14 WCSH6
“‘Haunt ME’ is a web series that focuses on a group of five paranormal investigators who explore different homes and buildings in Maine looking for unusual activity.”

04.28.14 webvee
“If you love having your gooses bumped, or hiding behind a large pillow while braver people walk down dimly lit corridors seeking out the dead, then this one’s for you”

04.08.14 DNA Photography
“Ever walk by a mirror at night and swear that you’ve seen something a little extra in your reflection?”

02.28.13 Biddeford-Saco-OOB Courier
“The Biddeford mills have caught the attention of a group of local paranormal investigators.”

01.14.13 Portland Press Herald
“You don’t have to be Stephen King to know that Maine can be a scary place.”


Haunt ME is a web series that premiered in November 2012 on the Entertainment Experiment online network. The series focuses on a group of five paranormal investigators exploring their home state of Maine. Maine is one of the least explored and least populated states in the continental U.S. The natural beauty of Maine is well-known, and the isolation of this northeastern state lends itself to both mystery and intrigue.

All five investigators – Ashley Brooks (leader), Carol Cleveland (historian), Ty Gowen (audio analyst), Shawn Ruarke (visual analyst) and Katie Webb (occultist) – were born and raised in Maine. While they all have different backgrounds, skills and interests, they share a passion for their home state and for seeking out the unknown.

During the first season, Haunt ME traveled all over southern Maine, visiting places like the old Biddeford textile Mills, the Irish Heritage Center in Portland, the Maine Street Grill in Standish, and the oldest farm in the city of Limington. Haunt ME garnered attention from local press outlets (they appeared for an interview on Good Day Maine and hosted a panel at Coast City Comicon, along with numerous newspaper and online articles). The team hosted tours and walkthroughs, and quickly gathered an online following. Grant Wilson, formerly from the show Ghost Hunters, tweeted about being a fan of the series.

The reason Haunt ME is reaching so many, even those outside of Maine, is the fresh and exciting take they have on the paranormal field. With their own unique rating system, they are able to stack haunted Maine places up against each other on a sliding scale, providing a catalog of the bizarre and macabre here in Vacationland. This way the people who live and work in these haunted spaces can see how their stories compare to others in their community, opening up a network of communication for the haunted. This service also provides viewers with a tourism guide to Maine’s spookiest offerings.

Haunt ME explores places in Maine with notable history, or those buzzing with local anecdotes and lore. The group uses a combination of scientific and metaphysical devices to produce the most irrefutable evidence possible. While each member has different beliefs about what it is they are seeking out, they share some common ground in that they all believe there is in fact, something to seek out. Haunt ME attempts to document their efforts as they visit these places in order to bring some history and mystery to your computers, televisions and other digital devices.